Danny Dean


  • In sports, those who are truly in the stratosphere of their craft among their peers and fans alike are known simply by a given nickname: "The Babe" - "Charlie Hustle" - "Dr. J." - "The Intimidator". In pulling, that fact has held up as well with Dave "Boom-Boom" Stangle, or the "Super Banana" himself, Lloyd McVey, both whom are in the NTPA Hall of Fame. The 2003 Hall of Fame inductee is as well known by his nickname, "The Rooster," as he is by his given name. Danny Dean 's ride to one of the most victory-laden careers in the sport's history began in 1966, when at 16, he attended a local pull. In 1971, competed in his first NTPA competition. Then, the following two seasons, Dean worked as an NTPA track official and sled operator - a fact that most probably aren't aware of. Then, in 1974, Danny built his familiar IH 1066 called "Rooster" and joined John D. Thompson as one of the first customers of Hypermax Engineering - Jerry LaGod's Illinois-based company specializing in high performance diesel engineering for the "red" brand of Super Stocks. After finishing out of the top 20 in any of the National Circuit finishes in 1974, the next season found Dean capturing his first NTPA Grand National title. That first title in 1975 began a streak of "The Rooster" laying claim to seven titles in five consecutive years of Super Stock competition. In fact, in 1977 during this streak, Dean recorded 45 wins out of 73 hooks, a better-than 61% winning percentage. "Rooster" was doing everything right during the late 70s, with Dean's biggest competitor being Stangle and John Klug - both of whom are Hall of Fame members. After Dean won both heavy Super Stock hooks at the famed "Indy Super Pull" in 1980, his domination streak was over too - for a while, anyway. In 1986, Dean came back and answered any questions regarding his ability to win another NTPA Championship Title by winning the 9,500 lb. Super Stock. In fact, Dean went on to win NTPA Grand National Titles in 1987 and 1988 with the famed "Rooster". A grand total of ten NTPA Grand National titles were earned by Dean and his "Rooster" from South Charleston, Ohio. Another title earned under the name John D. Thompson in 1979, can be partially claimed by Dean as well, as Danny was a hired gun that season. Other accolades include Dean having the distinction of being the first American puller to compete in France, doing so in 1983, as well as a pair of Super Stock "Puller of the Year" acknowledgements. Few have ever see a more dominate performer on the NTPA Championship Pulling Circuit.

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