Glynn Guenther


  • When discussing tractor pulling hotbeds, not many people would name the state of Arkansas as one in which a lot of well known, popular, and extra achieving competitors are from. That is until you come across the name Glynn Guenther of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Guenther was a tremendous talent in the Mini Modified division as a puller and a builder, and is one of the 2003 NTPA Hall of Fame inductee. Guenther began his first "organized" year of pulling the same time that the NTPA was established - with that year being 1969. Arkansas became a member state, and held a pull near the Guenther farm. Glynn went with his dad, James, and hooked their single cylinder IH Cub Cadet to the sled with Glynn in the driver's seat. From that moment on, Glynn never looked back. Not only did Glynn enjoy pulling in the early years of NTPA, he also enjoyed the building aspects; so much in fact, that he enrolled in some engineering courses and was trained in design and layout. This field allowed Guenther to open his "Precision Engineering" business in which many of the finest mini rod machines in the business were manufactured. Instead of using steel, frames coming from the Guenther company consisted of high grade aluminum with heat treat and specialized hardening techniques similar to those used by NASA. Along with utilizing cutting edge technology for the weight-starved Mini division, Guenther hit his stride as a driver, winning four NTPA Grand National titles in a three year stretch; those years being 1986, 1987, and 1988 in which Glynn took both weight category titles. In those same years, Guenther was voted by his peers as the Mini "Puller of the Year". Another feat that was quite remarkable for its day that Guenther accomplished was winning the "Triple" Crown" series in 1987 - a series in which drivers had the challenge of winning their division's hook at three prime locations - Tomah, Wisconsin, the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, and the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. By winning all three events, a competitor would drive away with a new pick up truck. Guenther was able to accomplish the challenge against the likes of Richard Peters, Dennis Horst, John Fairbanks, and Greer Hamilton. The moniker on the brilliant yellow and multi-hued Mini Rod of Guenther's was entitled "Tuff-E-Nuff", which was derived from Glynn's earlier days behind the wheel in which he was building his first mini rods. People would ask, 'Is it tough enough?'. The career book on Guenther, who has been out of active pulling for over a decade, would reflect that, yes indeed, Guenther was tough enough.

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