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Tedder Pulling: May 2017

CHASSIS & TURN KEY: 1-Mini rod chassis rolling, F-106 rear housing, Strange axles, hat, rotors & calipers, fenders, Cepeks on real alum wheels, Lenco single speed trans w/reverse, call. 2-Mini chassis with F106 rears, 1-tube chassis & 1-Alum wedge chassis rolling with transmissions and Trick titanium bellhousings.(MINIS FOR SALE OR TRADE)

INTAKE MANIFOLDS & HEADS: 1-Set Dart 410 heads BBC conventional $2250, 1-set Alan Johnson (big chief style) cylinder heads $5000. 1-Billet aluminum low profile Veney intake manifold, 3-Magnesium Veney intake manifolds with burst panels, $750-950.

BLOWERS/SUPERCHARGERS:  1-1471 Polished Littlefield Hi Helix with snout fresh $3500, 1-1471 DMPE M4 Hi Helix with snout fresh $7250, 1-1471 PSI Hi Helix with snout fresh, 1-1471 Kobelco K11 Superman Hi Helix with snout fresh, 1-1471 SSI D rotor Hi Helix with snout fresh $3300, 6-871 Hi helix Littlefield LB-20’s all fresh (5 polished aluminum),1-Fresh 1471 Mooneyham std Helix supercharger with matching Enderle Buzzard injection hat combo $2975. Pics & video of supercharger in rotation upon request.

BLOWER BELTS: New Star Racer blower belts, various sizes, here are some popular sizes: 8MMGT 1600-75 (200 T X 3″) – $215.10, 14MMGT 1568-75 (112 T X 3″) – $305.50, 14MMGT 1610-75 (115 T X 3″) – $357.50, 14MMGT 1750-75 (125 T X 3″) – $362. Good used Gates/RCD belts, many 1-3 runs, call for sizes available.

PULLEYS: 8mm, 13.9 & 14 mm GT, HTD pulleys, new & used Hemi & BBC idler bracket assemblies w/idler pulleys, $200-375 each.

FUEL INJECTION HATS/INJECTORS: MATCHING COMBO: 1-Enderle Buzzard injection lipped hat with Fresh 1471 Mooneyham supercharger &snout $2975.,  3-Enderle birdcatchers :2-complete $875 per, 1-bare with shaft and blades $375, 1-Enderle upright Injection hat with screen complete $750. *New* Big & Ugly carbon fiber injectors available, $4153.99. More coming in soon, call.

ALUMINUM CYLINDER BLOCKS: 2-KB Hemi aluminum blocks, raised cam, 1-KB Olds aluminum BBC style block”4.5″ bore with studs and lifters $2500

OIL PANS: New Dan Olson oil pans for any of your needs, just call.

OIL FILTER ASSEMBLIES: Clear View Filtration oil filter assemblies, 6061 T6 billet aluminum, see oil filter quickly after warm up & before pull-off, $495 per. 6-HP-6 remote oil filter bases on sale at $20 per.

OIL PUMPS: 1-KB Black billet wet sump oil pump $375, 2-Plueger (P&P)/RCD wet sump oil pumps on sale at $500 per. (will trade for dry sump oil pumps for Hemi)

ENGINES: 1-Fresh 526 KB Hemi, Veney heads, New GRP rods, rings and bearings “intake manifold to pan” $call., 1-Fresh 572 BBC, Arias Aluminum block, Alan Johnson “big chief” style alum heads, Hogans Alum sheet intake “intake manifold to pan” $14,500. obo. 1-540 BBC, Rodeck Alum block, Spread port Chevy alum heads, “intake manifold to pan”,$12,500., obo. 1-Fresh 526 KB Hemi, Dart heads, New GRP rods, rings and bearings “intake manifold to pan” $call.

GEAR DRIVES: 1-KB Hemi gear drive std cam & raised cam height units $450.

STARTERS: RCD 48 volt Handheld aircraft starters

FUEL SYSTEMS/PUMPS: 4-1200 Enderle fuel pumps fresh w/tag $475 per,  7-1100 fuel pumps fresh w/ flow tag, $425 per, 1-Rage/Sassy double dual gear fuel pump $1500. New Rage and Enderle pumps avail.

IGNITION: CW and CCW Red MSD 44 generators, red coil and MSD 44 8147 “rev limiter” points box package, fresh, $2875 AND Red MSD 44 new generator, red coil and MSD 44 8145 “non-rev”points box $2575.

HEADERS: 2-Sets zoomie headers for BBC, $250 per.

TIRES: 1-Set 10 ply Puller 2000 30.5 x 32 Firestone Puller tires, REDUCED TO $4,500., 1-set Whip Station 27″ polished aluminum rims 14″polished/13″ inside Franklin pattern $2500.

BELL-HOUSING CLUTCH CANS: 1-8 1/8″ Browell Steel Hemi bellhousing $750,1-8 1/8″ Pro-bell Steel BBC bellhousing with starter pocket $850  New Browell Aluminum 8-1/8” Hemi and BBC bellhousings avail. for order, call$.

CLUTCHES: New Molinari MRP clutches to spec as needed, call$.

REAR-END COMPONENTS: New billet aluminum pinion housing drop out, call$. New Humpco billet spools, $call

PLANETARIES: 1-New set Billet aluminum 4 gear Franklin planetaries and lids $call, 1-New set billet aluminum needled 4 gear PR75 planetaries $call, 2-sets needled Rockwell PR75 Planetaries for TWD $1500 per.

TRANSMISSIONS: New SCS available, call.

DRIVELINE: New splined shafts, couplers and new aluminum shielding available, call.

NEW ITEMS and COMPONENTS: multi-engine cross boxes made to order, billet aluminum airplane wheels & tires, aluminum billet “car style” wheel hubs made to any bolt pattern, made to work with billet steel HD spindles, heavy duty front spindles and kingpins for airplane wheels, off set and regular hitch/draw bars, complete weld on hitch assemblies with draw bar, alum driveline shielding, sleeve couplers and splined drive shafts, cmplt Rockwell SQHD needled rear center w/new cross, wedge style chassis builder for TWD trucks, Component Super & Pro Stocks & all types of Modified Tractors.

Call Scott at 765-517-1280

2007 42’ Haulmark pulling trailer

20’ living quarters with slide. TV, Bose stereo system, DVD player, shower toilet. 22’ storage in rear. In-floor winch. This trailer was completely redone 3 years ago. New floor winch, slide out installed and all new living quarters at that time. All work was done by Jensen trailer, Humboldt, Iowa.


Contact Dale at 608-558-9571

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