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Pulling Sled

Looking to sell class-8 Pulling sled - $85k and Semi-truck - 20k.
Can be sold separately but sled MUST sell first.
Sled includes scales, measuring system and lead weights.
Truck is a Western Star 2004 with 600k miles.
Willing to negotiate.
Phone: 330-421-6691 

rose sled

Blue Stinger Sled

Pulling sled for sale will pull all classes. There are also semi-scales available. Call Jerry @ 301-730-9523 for more information. 


Tedder Pulling: January/February 2020

CHASSIS: 1- Rolling Mod Tractor wedge chassis w/CAT 966 planetary, full fenders set up as twin Hemi crank to crank, HP Puller 2000 tires on alum wheels. 1- Rolling Mod Tractor chassis w/tube frame, Franklin magnesium planetaries, 10 Ply Pullers on Alum wheels set up as triple or twin crank to crank, call. 1- Super Modified wedge TWD “Barbwire,” Rockwell rearend PR75 planetaries, aluminum rims, flip top Dodge fiberglass body, call. Other mod tractors and mini rod tractors available, call.

INTAKE MANIFOLDS & CYLINDER HEADS: Alan Johnson Hemi intake manifold, Veney Intake manifolds, call.


BLOWER BELTS: New Star Racer blower belts, various sizes. Used 1610 and 1750 14mm GT belts. New Gates 8mm-1600-75. Call for details.

PULLEYS: New and Used 8mm, 13.9 & 14 mm GT, HTD pulleys. New & Used Hemi & BBC idler bracket assemblies w/idler pulleys, $200-375 each.

FUEL INJECTION HATS/INJECTORS: 1- New Big and Ugly BAU-1 complete, $2326. 1- Magnesium Enderle Bird Catcher, 1- Magnesium Buzzard catcher. More coming in, call.

OIL PANS: New Dan Olson oil pans for any engine. Used Hemi and BBC pans, call.

DRY SUMP OIL TANKS: 1- New 12 quart Stef’s round dry sump oil tank. Dealer for new round STEF’S dry sump tanks.

OIL FILTER ASSEMBLIES: New Billet Connection Clear View Filtration oil filter units, call.

OIL PUMPS: 1- Plueger/RCD P&P Hemi wet sump oil pump, $400. 3- System one Hemi wet sump oil pumps, $450 per.

CYLINDER BLOCKS: 1- JP-2 Hemi block .100 tall w/fresh machine and bore, $3000.

ENGINES: 1-Fresh “intake manifold to pan” 557 BAE Hemi w/fresh Veney 1066 alcohol billet alum heads $Call.

GEAR DRIVES: 1-KB Hemi gear drive std cam height units, $375.

FUEL SYSTEMS/PUMPS: 3- 1200 Enderle Fuel pumps. 3- Enderle 110 fuel pumps. New Enderle fuel pumps of all sizes available. 1- New Rage gear pump with fuel shut off, $1896.

IGNITION: 4- MSD 20 CCW Hemi rotation generators with points box combo, $1650 per. 4- MSD 20 CLOCKWISE BBC rotation generators with points box combo, $1800 per. 2- New MSD 8145 MSD 44 Points boxes.

HEADERS: 4- New sets Dan Olson headers BBC Chrome, $800 per. 1- set Chrome Dan Olson 12” headers for Alan Johnson “BBC style” heads like new, $750.

BELL-HOUSING CLUTCH CANS: 1- Aluminum Trick 7 1/2 Bellhousing with Hemi flange, $1950. 1- 8 1/8 and 1- 7 1/2” Steel Hemi bellhousings.

CLUTCHES: New Molinari MRP clutches to spec as needed, call.

TRANSMISSIONS: New SCS transmissions and reversers, call.

REAR-END COMPONENTS: Rockwell F-106 6.20 gear sets. 1- New billet aluminum pinion housing drop out, $3450. New Humpco/GMS billet carrier, call.

MULTI ENGINE CROSS BOX: 1- 3 gear stack box, $1000.

PLANETARIES: 1- New set Crutchfield Billet aluminum 4 gear for 4.6 ratio Franklin planetaries with lids, $call. 1- New set billet aluminum needled 4 gear PR75 planetaries, $call.

DRIVELINE: New splined shafts, couplers and new aluminum shielding available, call.

TIRES: 1- Set PULLER 2000 30.5x32 Tires on 27” Midwest Aluminum polished rims. Franklin bolt pattern 13/14”, $10,500.

Many other parts not listed are available.

Please call (no texts):

Scott Tedder
E-Mail for faster response:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your interest!

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