Road to the Enderle: Week 13 RN Traffic Report

RoadToEnderle webWorthington, Ohio---Region II had another busy week, getting several races for berths in the 31st Enderle Memorial Pull-Off (Saturday, September 16 in Urbana, Ohio) to around or beyond their halfway marks. Meanwhile, Region V watched the sky sweat after three tractors went down the track in Monticello, making the upcoming festivities in Waverly this Saturday all the more urgent as those races conclude. And Region III spools back up again in a big way with three nights of action across Anoka and Menomonie.

A: George Everett and "Smokeless Alternative" clinched the Region II title at Logansport in a three-event, three-way point battle with Josh Hart and Jerry Yantes.
B: With a fourth-place finish in Menomonie, Marty Nelson and "Just-a-Case" (+1) were able to capitalize on "Diggin' Hard"'s (-3, fifth) hook-and-broke and assume the point lead. Kevin Lynn (-1), the Spiegelbergs and Justin Hull (both -2) were able to move up as well. Now it all comes down to Labor Day weekend in Marshfield and Ridgeland.
C: At the same time the Cass County Fair was settling Berth A, Bryce Pichler and "Red Thunder" were wrapping up the Region V slot in New Hampton in a two-event, three-session, four-day span.

A: A third in Clermont County kept John Pfeiffer's top-three streak going through five appearances. "Pfeiffermax"'s lead is nine over Heath Weilnau with three Ohio hooks to go: Sandusky, Zanesville, and Wauseon. Erie County is Heath's home territory, but he's got some patching to do after kicking a rod in Owensville.
B: After Decorah, Ken Witt and "Mr. Yuk" have a one-point edge over David Henderson in this Region III/V open fuel berth. Three hooks remain, all in their native Minnesota.
C: "Diggin' Hard" has won twice along the III/V diesel-only path to carry a two-point lead into the Degenhardts' native Norwalk. But the second-place "Stray Horse Gone Wild" has won there two years in a row. And Guy Blechinger took the win in Waverly to tie Henderson for second at minus-2.
D: Marty Harrell and the "Pure Country" Massey Ferguson clinched this Region IV wraparound berth at Pinetops in May.

A: Last Tuesday's second place in Hartford extended Stan Warda's lead with "Hammerin' Hank" to 13 over the Caseys.
B: A seventh in Van Buren County put the "Whoopie Maker" ahead of Rob McTaggart in one of the season's more interesting back-and-forths. Eight hooks are left---next four in McTaggart's Michigan, then three in the Caseys' Ohio before the finale in Tipton, Indiana.
C: Having earned 59 points in Anoka and Menomonie, the Larsons' "Hot Wire" jumped to the Super Farm lead over the Rohdes (-5). With Owatonna, Marshfield, and Ridgeland remaining, the Martyns' "Hustler" (-6) and Jeff Bahl's "Doctor Deere" (-8) have some ground to make up.
D: Chris Hales and "The Outlaw" staged a brilliant heist at Pinetops. They won Saturday's class to overcome a two-point deficit and surpass Phil Kelley by a single point.
E: Victorious in Decorah and Waverly around the rainout in Monticello, Phil Kelley and the "Red-Blooded Binder" cruised to the Region V title and the Pull-Off berth.

A: Region II East took the week off after having six scheduled events over a 10-day span. Kendall Houk and "Nothing Special" will lead the subregion by five when they get back to work in Moon City.
B: Attention shifted back to the West with Hamilton and Fort x 2. Mike Palmer's "Red Avenger" withstood a couple of tough outings, then took a third to build his lead to 13 over...his other tractor, "Red Avenger Classic," which scored its first win Saturday. The Howells' New Holland (-14) was victorious in Butler County but got damaged Friday and had to scratch Saturday.
C: Alan Cook's "Black Thunder" was victorious in Ellsworth to grab the lead over Justin Nagel and Dan Schullo. We'll have to wait until Labor Day weekend back in Wisconsin to see how this one turns out.
D: A second last fall in Raleigh and a win in Millers Tavern have given Ron Beasley's "Farmall Fever" the inside track over Mark Wiederhold and James Vanhoy (-5). Two more tough hooks await in Elizabeth City this weekend.

A: The undefeated streak stopped for Brad Boldry's "Smoke Fever," but the lead persists, now six points over Jerry Shepherd and eight over Travis Wisel. See you in September in Roanoke.
B: Jason Rosenquist's "Gold Rush" took silver on Thursday in Anoka to pull into a tie with Kevin Lindstrom's "Hyper Harvester." They lead Jason Bye by three with three Wisconsin appearances to go.
C: Jeremy Ploetz's "Big One" won the head-to-head with Lindstrom in Waverly, taking third to "Hyper"'s eighth and capturing the division, which had seven scheduled hooks in 23 days, by five.

A: Last week's four hooks brought this subregion's path to its two-thirds point, across which Jeff Writsel's "At It Again" has three wins, two thirds, and a fifth. His win in Lebanon helped him build a 16-point lead over Jacob Shephard.
B: Between his two trucks, Randy Petro has wins in seven of eight Western subregion hooks including the Greentown partial washout. His regional entry, "Vintage Kathy's Komplaint," now leads Brent Secrest by two after Hamilton.
C: Kim Moore and her "Pack Rat VII" scored a third then a win in Anoka to pull into a tie with Dustin Amundson's "Bottoms Up." Dale Stampfli (-4), the Showdown's other winner, is hanging tough with a handful of hooks to go.
D: Two hooks in Betsytown over August's first weekend will settle this berth. Steve Wilson (Running Bear) leads wife Crystal by one and John Pickler by four.
E: It looked to be over: five-point lead, one chance left. But that's why they hook to the sled, and A.J. Riedl's "Shafted" nearly pulled off the huge comeback. On the strength of a tiebreaker (two wins to one), however, Dustin Amundson and "Bottoms Up" hung on to be your Enderle Pull-Off invitee from Region V.

A: Steve Elchinger's "Jus' Passin' Thru" had a setback in Hamilton and sacrificed five points off his lead. But he still holds a four-point advantage over Dave Bos and a seven-point bulge over Dave Moore. Mason's up next.
B: A second and first in Anoka for David O'Connor's "Nasty Habit" preceded a sub-par showing in Menomonie. But his cushion stands at three over both Matthew Davis and Rich Thomsen with hooks in Marshfield and Sandwich remaining.
C: Co-leaders John T. Davis' "The Legend" and Kevin Schools' "Jus' Rutt'n" will wage a battle of former Grand National rides at Morgan's Corner in just a few days  But don't count out two-time champ Randy Brann (-4).
D: Jamie Busch's "Thunder Struck" averaged 28 points over Rockwell and New Hampton in his native North Iowa to punch his ticket to Urbana.

A: Missing a five-way pull-off in Hartford ate into the lead of David Lacey's "Triple Play: Double or Nothing," but it remains one up on Ken Bultemeier and four up on his own "Unchained."
B: An unconventional win in Hamilton---delayed two-hours by rain and two classes that were run in the interim---pushed "Unchained''s lead to six over its stablemate."Flip Side" (-16) and "Whomp Ass" (-17) are deep double digits behind.
C: Donnie Reeve's "California Mule" kicked into high gear in Ellsworth and thus leads Chad Timmerman and Nathan Hoffman by place points for Region III's first Enderle berth of its own.
D: With "Unchained," Lacey's already secured the real "South" berth: The one awarded by Region IV dating to Raleigh and ending in Pinetops. (Remember, if the same vehicle wins more than one berth, we combine the points and invite the runner up, third place, etc.)
E: Hoffman found his four-leaf clover in New Hampton and had a brilliant performance with "Shakin' Shamrock" to win the two-hook shootout by three and become Region V's first MINI invitee.

A: In the Northwest Region II berth, Ryan Writsel's "Lucky Stryke" is perfect points-wise through three hooks plus Arcola's rainout. His 105 points lead Don Deane by five and Ken Miller by 10 heading into Mason.
B. In the Southeast Region II berth, the Writsels are up seven on Deane and eight on Miller with just three hooks left. Next is Urbana.
C: The Kielmeyer Team will return to the Enderle regional ranks this year as the Region III MOD representative. Dustin Amundson piloted "Double Trouble" to a first and second in Anoka.
D: Sporting a new sized-up powerplant, Chip Street's "Wildfire" scored two fifth places at its former home track in Pinetops to claim the Region IV berth. Interestingly, four of the six point-earning vehicles were turbine-powered.

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