2018 GN Light Unlimited Champions Spotlight

Steve Bollinger & Craig Corzine
Taylorville, Illinois & Assumption, Illinois
"Money Pit Screwed Up"
Light Unlimited

Craig Corzine and Steve Bollinger earned their first GN championship in the Light Unlimited class in 2018. Craig stated, “It feels really good! This is my first championship and the first one for Steve. We came close a couple of times with Steve’s tractors, once in the Modified class and once in the Unlimited. Now we’ve come close a couple of times in the Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks and missed. You don’t realize how big of a deal it is until you win one!”

They finally broke through by winning four of the eight competitive hooks in the class around rainouts in Tomah and Bowling Green. Craig was in the seat for two wins, and Steve was behind the wheel for the other two.

Craig shared some insight on the tractor’s origins. “It started out as a joke: ‘Let’s take your Allisons off and put two of my engines on it.’ I was lucky enough to have two that would work. He made some modifications to the chassis and I bought some screw blowers. It has been a great partnership!”

Craig earned the reconfigured “Money Pit Screwed Up”’s first-ever win in the second session in Tomah to take an early points lead. “We were finally able to get the monkey off our back.”
Steve won the next hook in Fort Recovery, Ohio to extend the advantage to three points. Bollinger finished fourth on Saturday night at the Fort to share the lead with Brandon Simon’s “Simon Sez” and remain a point ahead of Keith Wayson’s “Super Bee,” both of whom are past champions of the division.

Craig won again in their home state at the Western Illinois Grand Nationals in Mount Sterling to take sole possession of first place, and they finished second the next night in Waverly, Iowa.

Craig finished fourth on Friday afternoon in Bowling Green to take a two-point lead into the final two hooks of the season. Steve won the first night in Hudsonville, Michigan to stretch the lead to four. For the second night, the team “tried something on the right motor, and it obviously didn’t work.” The experiment led to a fifth-place finish and a tie for the GN championship. Craig stated, “We wanted to end it on a different note, didn’t want it to come down to a tiebreaker.”

They earned the championship based on their four wins during the season, one better than the Simons’ three. The team finished off the season by winning the prestigious Enderle Pull-Off for the first time.

Craig would like to thank Steve. “I got into pulling because of him. He put me in the driver’s seat years ago and it’s led us to where we are today.” He also thanks his wife Ashley, kids Erica, Julia, Carsen, and Raylen, and Larry and Caesar Koester. Steve would like to thank his family: wife Lori, son Lane, and brother Tom. The team would like to thank Shell Rotella, Adam Koester and Bob Miner at MBR, John Gerhold, Trent DeClerk at DeClerk Custom Machine, and Dustin Donan at Wheelhop Polishing.

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