Road to the Enderle 2019: Week 13 RN Traffic Report

RoadToEnderle webWorthington, Ohio---It's time to start counting down the hooks and counting up the qualifiers. But don't miss out on the main event: The 33rd Kent & Joan Enderle Memorial Pull-Off on Saturday, September 14 in Urbana, Ohio. Tickets are now on sale at (Latest GN Report)

RN Light Super Stock

  1. Halfway home after South Bend, Jerry Yantes' "Spirit of Oliver" leads Jason Irvin's "Drunkin' Punkin" by one point. The Lynn winner will likely be invited to Urbana the following Saturday.
  2. The Lights stayed on in rainy Norwalk long enough to see Bryce Pichler notch "Red Thunder"'s second RN win of the year and first in Region III. That has put the Case IH up by five on Ken Witt's "Mr. Yuk" Deere with just Ridgeland left.
  3. Kevin Lynn's "504 Rocket" (-27) was absent from Norwalk, not only missing a great steak dinner (we hear) but also its shot at the second berth. It's now "Yuk"'s for the taking in Wisconsin on Labor Day Sunday.

RN Heavy Super Stock

  1. Barry Eliker's "Buckeye Bandit" got one shy of the max in Charlotte to take a two-point lead over the Feldkamps' "Trophy Buck." Perennial champ John Pfeiffer had an unpfortunate pfire the second night in Michigan to pfall pfour behind.
  2. Robert Gansemer's "Ruttin' Deere" took second in Norwalk to hold off the Rachners and their class-winning "Long-Haul Harvester" (-1). The 1466 mixed it up with both Grand and Regional National competition in a strong freshman season. But this year will belong to Gansemer, who qualified for his sixth Enderle but first since 2012.
  3. By virtue of two perfect scores last October in Raleigh, Ronnie Strickland's "Another Outlaw" is already the invitee.
  4. Ken Witt and "Mr. Yuk" are already in by virtue of a 59-point performance across Region V's two hooks.

RN Super Farm

  1. Charlie Capozzo took "Cruel Intentions" to victory in Berrien Springs to extend his lead to 10 over the Caseys' "Whoopie Maker." Dave Whelan's "My Last Excuse" was third and got 29 to keep the pressure on "Whoopie" for that second berth.
  2. Just four hooks remain for Whelan to make up his 13-point deficit. The series resumes next Wednesday in Hudsonville and then tours northwestern Ohio (Fremont, Wauseon, and Findlay) for its final three appearances.
  3. Rod Deck's "Dream On" has won the Region V berth, so we'll combine it with Region III if his lead there holds through Ridgeland. Following Anoka and Menomonie, Deck has new chasers this week in Mitch Fehn's "Red Storm Reloaded" (-8) and the Larsons' "Hotwire" (-9).
  4. Chris Hales' "Outlaw" came back from a point down after 2018 Raleigh to top Daniel McDonald's "Bad Boy" in Benson for the Southeastern berth.
  5. A second-place finish in Bremer County clinched a second straight Region V title for Deck's "Dream On" to match his pair of GN championships in 2016 and 2017.

RN Light Pro Stock

  1. Tom Shafer's "Boss" is still in charge in the East, but the lead got three markers smaller when Matt Durbin's "Sidewinder" (-24) edged him for second in Erie County behind Dave Armstrong's "Rowdy Red" and then won outright in Zanesville. Kevin Banion's "Forgiven" (-35) and Brad Cochran's "Case Incognito" (-40) remain mathematically viable for the berth, but with four to go it'll likely take an absence by the leaders for them to contend.
  2. A third in Monroe and a win at Eaton II have pushed Wes Spencer's "Bush Wacker" to a 24.5-point lead over the Fussner/Holland "Busted Budget," which won in southern Michigan but lost ground in southwestern Ohio. They're off until Spencer's hometown Greenville on the Tuesday after BG.
  3. This year, we'll take three from Region II with the last being a preordained at-large. After Armstrong's mighty week (28-point average over three hooks), he's just 17 back of Banion with seven left.
  4. The Dorwins' "Young Bucks Reloaded" won again in Houston to replicate their effort in Tomah. That staked them to leads over previous qualifiers and Enderle winners Alan Cook ("Black Thunder," -3) and Collin Birkholz (International 1456, -7) going to the Ridgeland Nationals over Labor Day weekend.
  5. Ron Beasley's "Farmall Fever" stayed smokin' hot from the State Fair to GALOT Park in winning the Region IV berth by five.

RN Limited Pro Stock

  1. Travis Wisel's "Irrational Behavior" broke a weeks-old tie between itself and Garrett Boldry's "Smoke Fever" (-1) when Wisel claimed Edon's inaugural event. The late-summer chill will be in the air when the series resumes in Wauseon Labor Day weekend.
  2. Kevin Lindstrom's "Hyper Harvester" high-jumped the "Big One" of the Ploetzes in Colby and now leads the first Region III berth by a single point. The Waupaca County Fair is next on the agenda this Saturday.
  3. Now it's "Big One" that is in line for the two-spot in the region with a three-point lead over Roger Scalzo's "Bad to the Bone." If "Big One" claims it, we'll combine Regions III and V to take an at-large.
  4. Jeremy and Jarod's "Big One" won in Monticello and Waverly to turn a two-point deficit to Bryan Deck's "One Bad Apple" into a five-point victory margin. If the Ploetzes happen to claim either of the Region III berths, we'll combine the paths to designate an at-large invitee.

RN Two Wheel Drive

  1. Sandusky shaved Jacob Shephard's advantage for this berth to five over Brent Secrest's event-winning "Nuthin' EZ 'Bout It," and then Zanesville's results trimmed it further to just three. You'll recall "Nuthin' EZ" used a surge just about this time last year to overtake Shephard for the invitation and the title. (Bet that Secrest and Shephard, good friends off the track, both remember)
  2. The Brown City-Peck metroplex is still set to send two to Urbana, but Brian Grifka's got not one but two trucks garaged in Eaton, Ohio to worry about. Matt Cain's "Xtremely Buy Polar" and brother Alan's "Madd Maxx" finished second and third and got the top two point scores in Napoleon on Saturday to tie for second at minus-10. Meanwhile, Tom Eisman's Eaton-winning "Whipper Snapper II" is only 11 back despite a rough night in Henry County. Greenville is next.
  3. In the preordained II-At-Large, Shephard's lead remains 38 over Eisman.
  4. A second in Colby still has defending Region III champion Dustin Amundson up 12 on the Youth Hunger and Health winner Chad Haggerty (Hillbilly Hot Rod). The Stampfli/Frontzak "Twisted Tight" (-18) took third to stay in the hunt with three hooks to go.
  5. They did it: Jason Sullivan and Lavern Kelchen are your Region V representatives. Their "Cornburner" Dodge picked up third in a six-truck pull-off in Waverly to cap an impressive rookie campaign with top-threes in all four Iowa appearances.

RN Four Wheel Drive

  1. Ron Newell broke through for a fourth-place, 30-point finish in Napoleon to wrestle a top score away from the Zarings' fleet of Dodges. Since Steve Elchinger's opening two-win salvo in Preble and Arcola, one or the other or the other of Jake and Ike's Mopar pickups---"Rule #19" (tied with Newel for lead, owns tiebreaker on wins), "Bucket List," or "Fatheadz Eyewear" (now both -2) had earned the most points in each regional outing. It marked Newell's fourth fourth of the year but by far the most profitable heading into Hudsonville.
  2. With the Taylors' "Grain Hollers Mafia" at minus-80 for this berth, it's likely just four trucks under a blanket.  .
  3. Even after a fifth-place finish in Colby, Michael O'Connor's "Nasty Boys" still leads the division by eight. Now, however, it's over Lawrence Line's "Totally Hooked," which placed second, while Carol Suchy's "Totally Geared," sixth in Colby, sits nine back. The Youth Hunger-winning "Breakin' Da Law" (-32) of defending champ Cory Lemirande, though officially eliminated, showed it's still got it.
  4. When a series is contracted to two hooks, ties are not unusual. But how about one that features a second and a third by each of the contenders? Or one in which the final decision is made on distances whose totals were 1.075' apart? Looking at you, Region V, and your 2019 champion, David O'Connor's "Nasty Habit," which edged the Suchys' "Totally Geared" by just that margin after Monticello and Waverly.

RN Stainless Diesel Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0

  1. All three of the qualifiers will come from Region II. From 2018 Dover to now, there have been been seven scheduled hooks in the East, and Jeremy Straley's "Razor's Edge" and Nick Stamm's "Frank" have made them all. Straley leads Stamm six top-fives to five, but "Frank"'s Marysville victory coupled with Straley's fifth has cut the latter's lead to a "Razor"-thin one point. They'll rest a while until Canton at the end of the month.
  2. The West got started in Allegan last year. Jeff Hossler's "Flirtin' with Disaster" won twice this week to increase his season total to five and his lead to seven points over Stamm. All quiet now until Greenville in a couple weeks.
  3. Those hooks keep piling up for the planned at-large as well, where the "Frank" Wagon has powered its way to a 59-point bulge.

RN Modified Mini

  1. David Lacey's "Triple Play Unchained" (24) took the win in Berrien Springs and its stablemate "Double or Nothing," the leader along all three Region II paths, was second. Todd Bultman piloted the Schaendorfs' "Max'd Out" (-7) to third. With only Hudsonville left, the family from Dorr will probably need a win and help to overtake "Double" for the berth.
  2. Active for the first time since Hamilton, the Southern Region II path passed through Sandusky, where Lacey went went first and fourth with "Double or Nothing" and "Unchained" around Tim Rea's "Wicked Sensation" (-10) and Kevin Bradtmueller's "Whomp Ass Express." On opposite ends of Ohio, Greenville and Canton are the deciders.
  3. The overall Region II berth (that also started at Allegan 2018) is safely Lacey's, either with "Double" or "Unchained" (-39). At-large scenarious abound; we'll elaborate as the possibilities narrow heading to Canton.
  4. Nathan Hoffman escaped "Disaster" in Colby, so to speak. His subpar fourth-place finish in the class of six was offset by Christopher Burnett's DQ aboard "Li'l Disaster" (-2) that kept Hoffman's "Shakin' Shamrock" in the division and Enderle berth lead. Brian Guza's "Grandpa's Disaster" was third at the Youth Hunger event to gain a point on the leading Hoffman with Weyauwega and Ridgeland still to come.

RN Modified

  1. Tarry Feiss won the Northwestern hook at Sandusky to assume a one-point lead over husband Todd in this race, which has four to go. Her "Feissty Farmer" now has three straight wins in the subregion after five straight seconds---four to "S'no Farmer," one to Ken Miller's "Corn & Soybean Special"---as Feiss Motorsports has opened an 18-point lead heading to Darke County.
  2. Kevin Jerew picked up the win in Zanesville with "Wild Times," but Tarry took second to trim another point off Todd's lead (now seven) for the Southeastern berth. Miller is 20 back with hooks in Canfield and Old Washington remaining along the path.
  3. "S'no Farmer" also leads Tarry for the at-large by seven. And with six hooks left, it's not too early to remind you: If we have the same winner for two (or three) berths, we combine and take the second- (and third-) place finishers.
  4. One hook at the Coors Light Shootout settled matters, and it's Corey Kielmeyer's "Double Trouble" who earned the right to represent Region III.
  5. Don Deane already knows he's in: He went to Raleigh and won twice last fall with his "Plumbers Nitemare" to become Region IV's delegate.

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