Competitors: Special Instructions for Langford and Waverly

The following is critical information for competitors planning to attend either the Northeast Nationals event in Langford, New York on Saturday and Sunday, August 4-5, or the Bremer County Fair Pull in Waverly, Iowa on Saturday, August 4.

Waverly: Fair officials have requested that haulers not enter the grounds until 4 a.m. Saturday. Competitors are invited to park in the lot of the nearby Wal-Mart. The fair appreciates your cooperation.

Langford: To reach the grounds on a truck-friendly route, turn east onto Mile Strip Road at the first light past the Native Pride reservation. Take that road (note: 45 mph limit strictly enforced) to its end at Route 62 and turn left. In 500 feet, take a quick right onto Shirley Road and continue to Route 75. Turn left, and the Langford Pull Grounds will be on your right.

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