Crewperson’s License Critical for Maximum Insurance Protection

Unregistered crewpersons are not insured

As stated on the application form, an NTPA competition license entitles the bearer to two complimentary crewperson licenses that may be applied to parent/child family members or persons residing at the license-holder's address. Be advised, however, that these crewpersons must be registered through the NTPA office to be insured by and receive any medical benefits from the Association's policy with K&K Insurance. Family members who are not on file for the current year as licensed crewpersons are not covered in the event of an injury or incident.

Competitors are strongly encouraged to submit complete applications for all crewpersons to the NTPA office. Licenses for non-family/non-resident crewpersons may be purchased for $165. Contact Helen Swartz (614.436.1761) with questions.

By Gregg Randall

Reprinted from The Puller, March 2014

At the December 2013 NTPA Convention and Banquet in Dublin, Ohio, the joint boards of WPI and NTPA met to discuss various items that are germane to the association. One such discussion surrounded the levels of insurance provided by K&K Insurance out of Fort Wayne, Ind., and how it is tiered in levels of protection, particularly on the medical side of the ledger. A few competitors had asked board members over the past summer about the insurance structure and the importance of having their crewpersons covered sufficiently for any future medical insurance concerns. After discussing the facts, the unanimous conclusion was that it is in the best interest of every competitor to ensure that those working closest with them in the pits and on the track obtain an NTPA crewperson’s license. This license will provide the same insurance coverage that every NTPA licensed competitor and official has, as there is a difference between having one and not having one. It is important that each NTPA competitor understand the potential ramifications of not having a crewperson’s license, and the benefit to those who do possess them.

The foundational tier of the medical insurance offered by K&K Insurance covers everyone involved up to the first $10,000 of medical claim. This facet of the medical portion is actually through the promoter policy that each promoter group purchases for each session of their NTPA event. This would include competitors, workers, spectators and so forth. Most medical claims that have occurred historically include the typical “slip and falls,” which are commonplace with most all insurance claims as they pertain to events. This ceiling was established many years ago, as the $10,000 amount covered the vast majority of medical claims. However, think of the potential hazards found in our motorsport, and how far $10,000 will actually go when injury affects those having extra exposure out on the track or even back in the pit area (injuries that go far beyond the “slip and falls”). There is the ambulance ride, the emergency room visit, not to mention the hospital bed that a competitor or crewmember may find themselves needing. This situation is where it is prudent to have the extra medical coverage that is offered by an NTPA membership at the varying levels – competitor, crewperson and associate.

After the primary medical coverage is exhausted from a claim, each individual’s personal medical policy will be examined for available coverage. Most private, medical insurance that individuals have will not cover them in a motorsports event. This fact is often overlooked or unknown in regards to the specific ramifications if the primary insurance expense of $10,000 is exceeded. Those who have purchased a current year NTPA license, whether it is a competition, crew or associate member, have what is known as “Excess Coverage.” This coverage increases the medical portion of the K&K Insurance policy to an extra $200,000. But what about those valuable crewmen and women in the pit area? If they do not possess an NTPA license or even a per-day license which is available at each event for a nominal $50 fee, each person has a sizable loop-hole that may create extra burden on the person who brings that crewmember with them. For many years, the excess medical benefit was $150,000 after the primary, promoter policy of $10,000 was exhausted. That amount was increased to $200,000 of excess insurance a couple years ago as the high rising medical costs made it imperative to do so.

For every NTPA licensed competitor, a pair of complementary crew person licenses to immediate family members is included. To be an immediate family member, you have to live under the same address as the licensed member OR be a father/son or mother/daughter to the licensed member. If you are bringing your neighbor or best friend to crew for you the majority of the summer, your best route is to purchase an NTPA Crewpersons’ License for $165. Each membership level includes not only the medical excess, but also $5,000,000 of liability coverage, total temporary disability coverage of $100 per day for 52 weeks, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage of $25,000.

Another crucial step in the “immediate family” crewperson coverage is to contact Helen Swartz at the NTPA Office and fill out the proper paper work so that she can create a crewperson’s card for those recipients. Even though the immediate family crewperson’s license is free up to two people, the paperwork needs to be on file to be in effect. It is a small, but vital step in keeping everyone covered.

Considering the exposure that the crewmembers see each summer, it is a small investment to the livelihood of someone very close to your operation. 

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