Enderle Pull-Off Implications of Pinetops Postponement

As the season-opening Pinetops 300 has been tentatively rescheduled for late September, Raleigh 2017 stands as the only Region IV event to count toward qualifying for the 2018 Enderle Pull-Off.

Four divisions will have 2018 Enderle qualifiers based on results from Raleigh 2017: Heavy Super Stock, Super Farm, Light Pro Stock, and Modified.

Three divisions---Two Wheel Drive, Four Wheel Drive, and Modified Mini---will not have 2018 Enderle qualifiers. Across Raleigh and Pinetops, the Minis had only one Regional National hook scheduled, and rules require two or more scheduled hooks on a path to determine a qualifier. Meanwhile, the TWDs' and FWDs' hooks at Raleigh 2017 were invitational and thus do not count toward qualifying. The truck classes would have had qualifiers based on their two open hooks at Pinetops, but no track action occurred, so the berths will remain vacant.

Looking ahead, divisions participating in the 2019 Enderle Pull-Off will now have three qualifying events in Region IV: Pinetops 2018 and Raleigh 2018 this fall and Pinetops 2019 next spring. 

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