Fini: Pelletier Clinches First PS Championship


Charles Pelletier (St. Armand, Quebec)
"CP Dream II"
2017 NTPA Grand National Pro Stock Champion

Worthington, Ohio---Charles Pelletier had plenty of memorable moments a season ago: Winning the Bowling Green ring on Super Sunday, celebrating his first Grand National victory in Hudsonville, hoisting a second first-place trophy in Sandwich. But at season's end, he had to stand to one side of the podium as Mike Conny's two John Deeres, "MAC Nasty" and "Mr. MAC Daddy," captured the top two spots in the championship standings. In 2017, Pelletier started strong on his quest to take center stage with three straight runner-up finishes while "MAC Nasty" dominated in the early going, and after a pair of top-threes in Chapel Hill, established himself as a long-run contender. Recovering from a DQ in Brandenburg, "CP Dream II" won in Mt. Sterling and again in Hudsonville, steadily widening its lead until, after Saturday night, it stood at 17 points over Mark Lawyer's "Rapped Up!", which won earlier in the day to jump up in the standings. Conny's daughter Julia Ray drove "MAC Daddy" (-18) to its seventh win in the evening session to take third, while Robby Lemke's "New Generation Plus" (-21) and Danny Schmucker's "Rampage" (-38), the 2015 and 2014 champs, respectively, rounded out the top five. Pelletier's is the first Canadian championship won by a native of the province of Quebec and the first in a tractor division since 1973 (Gord Oughtred, 9,000 Super Stock).

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