Request for Prayers for Hall-of-Famer John Hileman

The following note was sent to us by Jacquee Eicher, granddaughter of John Hileman, member of the 2000 class of the Pulling Hall of Fame. We echo Ms. Eicher's concern and well wishes for Mr. Hileman.

I was hoping that you and/or your team at NTPA could send word around the tractor pull community to help send him strength.  

Last summer, John started having numbness in his left leg and arm which was the result of lymphoma tumors in his brain.  After aggressive chemo treatments and constant prayers and support from family and friends, the tumor in John’s brain was completely gone as of November this past year.  However, the routine MRI two weeks ago showed the cancer has returned.  Not only has the cancer resurfaced but it is proving to be more severe.  The doctors have moved their focus from removing the cancer to prolonging life, so John has started undergoing regular radiation treatments.  It is still early in this second battle on the war against cancer, but we are all remaining optimistic.

Although I was very young when my grandfather officially retired from tractor pulling, I am aware of the impact he has made on the sport.  I grew up attempting to count the hundreds of trophies and plaques that adorn my grandparents' home, proving that this was more than a hobby or job, this was a way of life.   My grandfather still talks so fondly of the people he met throughout those years and I can tell the deep love he still has for the sport and the community.  

I want nothing more than for my grandfather to feel the love the community has for him.  Any well wishes, prayers, and thoughts would be more than appreciated; they could result in a miracle.  Below is an address that any cards or letters can be sent to:

9378 Burrville Road
Rockford, OH 45882

Thank you so much,

Jacquee Eicher

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