WPI Board of Directors

David P. Schreier - President/CEO

davescheierDavid Schreier is the President and CEO of World Pulling International, the Executive Director of NTPA and has been with the industry for more than 40 years. He has had experience on both sides of the track and was the first Grand National Champion in the Super Stock division with a John Deere. David resides in Tomah, Wis. with his wife, Christine, and has seven children, 13 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. David was first hooked on pulling after attending several small pulls in Wisconsin and larger pulls in neighboring states. In his spare time, David enjoys collecting a few things and hobby farming. David encourages everyone to listen to the pod cast on the Web site outlining his progress with WPI/NTPA over the years.

Rick Austin - Vice President

rick austinRick serves as Vice President of the WPI Board of Directors. He and his wife Connie have three children and farm 4000 acres in Southern Wisconsin with their son Dan. Rick competes in the NTPA TWD truck class with his Colorado body style "Dirt Flirt."

In the past 40 years, Rick has competed at the NTPA State, Regional and Grand National levels. He has promoted pulls and has served as Wisconsin State President and on the NTPA Full Board of Directors. Over that period of time, Rich has seen many promoters and sanctioning bodies come and go in the sport of truck and tractor pulling. NTPA has remained a constant leader and as a WPI Board of Director, Rick is comitted to assuring this organization's continued success.

Larry Richwine - Secretary

larryrichwineLarry Richwine built his first modified tractor in high school. As a 36-year competitor, he has competed in five different divisions: Modified, Pro Stock, Super Stock, Two Wheel Drive and Minis. Larry has held the position of Secretary and Treasurer with the Hoosier State Tractor Pullers for 20 years and is currently in his 17th year as Director of WPI/NTPA's Technical Services, WPI sled program and event management. He has been an instrumental part of the technical and safety development of tractor pulling in the USA and Europe since taking on his position with NTPA. Larry and his wife, Linda, live on the Richwine family farm just north of Brownsburg, Ind. Linda trains Tennessee Walking Horses on land that worked Richwine horses since it was homesteaded five generations ago.

George Everett - Treasurer

georgeeveretteGeorge started pulling at age 14. He was an NTPA Full Board member in 1980, became an NTPA Executive Board member in 1982 and served on both boards for a year before being elected as treasurer of WPI, the position he currently holds. George was on the first Super Stock Divisional Committee and he and Tim Engler helped to set up the SFI safety program that NTPA uses today. George and his wife reside in Monrovia, Ind. and have three sons and nine grandchildren.

Ken Lamping - Director

kenlampingsmKen has been on the WPI Board since 1996 and has served as vice president from 2000 to 2013. He also served on the board for the Gopher State Tractor Pullers. In 1988 Ken was hired as Region 3 Director, bringing up a pulling program from three pulls to more than 25. While serving as Region 3 Director, the Minnesota Tractor Pullers merged with the Gopher State Tractor Pullers to become what is known today as the United Pullers of Minnesota. Ken served as president of UPM for five years and was also hired to schedule and coordinate all state events for the Copenhagen Skoal Pulling Circuit. He has 20 years of experience in the owning and operation of pulling sleds. Ken and his wife, Cindy, reside on their farm in rural Glenville, Minn.

Alan Washburn - Director

alanwashburnAfter a chance meeting with competitors at the now defunct Purdue Boilermaker pull, Alan was asked to help out with the Super Pull in Indianapolis in its next to last year in the venue. The result of that pairing with David "Doc" Riley gave birth to an avocation that has included many of the Grand National events on the current circuit. From Tomah, Wis. to parts of Illinois and Ohio with stops in his home state of Indiana, Alan gets the opportunity to see the best of these classes as the points chases get closer and closer. "To watch the euphoria of a great finish as well as the disappointment of a breakage shows just what these competitors are made of," says Washburn. As a farmer from Northwestern Indiana, tractor pulling has long been the staple of Alan's summer activities. "We used to sit in the top row of the grandstand and cheer our favorite local on to victory. Now I have the best seat in the house and try to bring some enjoyment to others from my vantage point on the stage and behind the mic." As a member of the WPI Board, Alan says it has been interesting to watch the development of new safety measures and assist with the rule making procedure. Every rule has someone's name on it, for better or worse. "The roll cage program is now 10 years old and it was a needed addition." Although many may think Alan has had a long tenure as an announcer with NTPA, his announcing goes even further back than the Indianapolis Super Pull. 2010 will mark his 35th year in the Public Address Office at the Indiana State Fair.

Roger Wysong- Director


Roger Wysong is the owner of AP Productions (www.approduction.net), the studio from which NTPA Championship Pulling on RFD-TV originates. But longtime fans remember Roger's name from his days aboard the "Sting" modified mini, and competitors know him best as the man behind Midwest Wheel, his aluminum fab shop in Lewisburg, Ohio.

Roger and sons Rusty and Ryan got their start in the a/v business from their work producing services and programs for their church. Today, Roger and his dedicated crew film some of the NTPA's top events for inclusion in 26 episodes per TV season.

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