2023 NTPA Pulling Rules Tire Approval and Measuring

General Rules

Tire Approval

  1. – Any new tire and/or tire size(s) other than those currently approved for NTPA competition must be approved by NTPA Technical Services before being used in NTPA competition.
  2. Company name and/or brand along with tire size and ply rating required to be molded into sidewall of tire from manufacturer and must remain visible on any tire used in NTPA competition at all times.
  3. Any new tire or anytime an existing approved tire is sold to a different manufacturer or is rebranded with a different name, the tire must be submitted by manufacturer to NTPA Technical Services for approval directly from the mold before cutting.
  4. It is the manufacturers responsibility to submit any new or rebranded tire to NTPA Technical Services for approval before tire is cut or used in NTPA competition. Violation of this rule(s) is subject to any penalty determined appropriate by the WPI/NTPA Executive Boards.

Tire Measuring

  1. Tire to be measured using NTPA tools specifically designed for such purpose with tire mounted on specified rim width and inflation pressure adjusted to specifications set by tire size.
  2. Tread to be measured from outside to outside of tire or tread face with caliper extending outside and to bottom of any radius at outer corner of tire face or tread.
  3. Tire must measure less than maximum specifications for both circumference and width before being approved by NTPA Technical Services.

 Mitas 24.5 Tires – (unapproved tire exception to NTPA Pulling Rules)

  1. Mitas 24.5 tire required to be corrected by cutting or grinding tire to maximum width of 24.5 inches in order to be used in NTPA competition. Corrected tires will be allowed in GN Pro Stock competition only. This exception to NTPA rules is limited to 60 sets maximum of inventory currently in the US as of December 2022. All tires brought to the US by Mitas from this date forward are required to be approved and meet NTPA tire dimensions out of mold before cutting. Corrected tires meeting 24.5 inch width specification will be branded with date of inspection before being allowed to compete.

Tire 48 Lug Rule

Region National classes limited to 24.5 x 32 tire with a maximum of 48 lugs are:

– Super Farm

– Light Pro Stock

– Limited Pro Stock

– Heavy Pro Stock – 5.0 turbo

About the National Tractor Pullers Association

The NTPA is the sport’s oldest and most respected truck and tractor pulling sanctioning organization. Governed by a board of directors, the NTPA is managed by World Pulling International (WPI), an independently owned entity. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the NTPA provides rules and regulations and the infrastructures required for organizations throughout the country to arrange truck and tractor pulls.

The 2024 NTPA Championship Pulling Circuit is sponsored in part by Case IH, Beck’s Hybrids, WIX Filters, Hot Shot’s Secret, Enderle Fuel Injection, MAC Trailer, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Cow Tales, Mitas Tires, Cen-Pe-Co Lubricants, Ag Protect 1, U.S. Army, and STOP-FYRE.

Grand National Divisional Sponsors include New Fields Ag (Super Stock Diesel), Hi Torque (Super Farm), Yoder Popcorn (Pro Stock), CM Pulling Tires (Two Wheel Drive), Doctor Preload (Super Semi), and GMS Manufacturing & Machine (Light Modified). Region III is sponsorted by TerraMax. Region IV is sponsored by Pro Puller Tires. Point fund sponsors include the National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green, Ohio; the Budweiser Dairyland Super Nationals in Tomah, Wisconsin; Heritage Iron Magazine; Midwest Wheel Inc.; and Riverside Engine Inc.

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