2021 NTPA Membership


How NTPA Membership Works


To be eligible to compete at an NTPA-sanctioned event anywhere in the United States, truck and tractor pullers have two options: a full-year Competitor Membership or a Per-Hook Membership. Either membership enables a competitor to enter his or her vehicle in an NTPA-sanctioned class for which it qualifies, pull for available prize money, and be insured while on the track. The vehicle must be up-to-date with required safety equipment and must pass on-site technical inspection by an NTPA-licensed tech official. (Technical and safety rules are outlined each year in the official NTPA Pulling Rules rulebook .)

While both options provide coverage while in competition, a full-year Competitor Membership is a much better value for pullers who plan to attend four or more NTPA hooks in a season. An additional benefit included in full Association membership is a subscription to the NTPA's official publication, The Puller Magazine.

Further, a Vehicle Registration at the Grand National or Regional National/State level allows that vehicle to accumulate championship points at classes on an NTPA national or member-state circuit that are sanctioned at a matching level (GN or RN/S). Points may also be earned toward bonus programs and/or invitational event berths. A vehicle may not earn points on both the GN and RN circuits within the same season, but an RN-registered vehicle may earn points in two or more regions within the same season. Each Vehicle Registration also grants two complimentary Crewperson Licenses for the season, with additional Crewperson Memberships available for purchase.

Are you a brand-new competitor looking to join the NTPA? Or are you a seasoned puller who has questions regarding your membership? Call the NTPA office at 614-436-1761 or email Michaela (michaela@ntpapull.com) with questions regarding NTPA memberships or the application process.

The 2021 Membership Process


By action of the WPI Executive Board, 2020 membership fees paid to the NTPA for Competitor (Driver) Licenses and/or Vehicle Registrations that were partially used are counted in part (i.e., "rolled over") toward 2021 membership fees based on the following formula:

2020 membership fees paid to the NTPA for Competitor Licenses and/or Vehicle Registrations that were completely unused are counted (i.e., "rolled over") as fees paid in full for 2021 memberships. Moreover, all Crewperson Memberships will be rolled over in full regardless of usage.

All 2020 Competitor and Crewperson Members should have received an email in early November from the NTPA office that explained the details of their particular rollover calculation and any monetary amount to be applied to 2021 fees. A follow-up letter was mailed in mid-November to those who did not respond to the initial email. 2020 members who have not received either an email or a letter by November 30 should contact Michaela at the NTPA office, by email (michaela@ntpapull.com), or by phone at 614-436-1761. Competitors with questions about the rollover calculation are invited to email Jon (jon@ntpapull.com) or call the office.

All members, regardless of whether they are returning or new, must fill out a 2021 membership application. The NTPA office has made this more convenient than ever with an all-new digital form. The form allows you to enter information for multiple Driver Licenses and/or Vehicle Registrations at one time to accommodate pulling teams of virtually any size. There's a form for Crewpersons, too. (Those applying digitally should carefully read each field, as some prompts have changed from the traditional print form.) Upon submitting an online application, each driver will receive a confirmation email that contains two further links:

2020 members who either roll over a partially used membership or whose needs have changed (additional drivers or vehicles, different registration levels, etc.) will be contacted after submitting their online application to arrange to pay any remaining fees owed. Those planning to mail a check with their 2021 membership application for any remaining fees owed are welcome to do so but should take careful notice of the rollover credit from their 2020 membership email/letter and subtract that amount from their membership fee total to ensure proper payment.

While the NTPA office strongly endorses the use of digital applications, printable membership forms are still available using the links below. These may be downloaded, copied and then mailed, emailed, or faxed to the NTPA office.

The staff and administration of the NTPA appreciate the patience and understanding of our members as we expand our use of all available digital communication tools throughout the 2021 season. To facilitate these efforts, we heartily encourage our members to provide accurate and current contact information (phone and email). These tools will increase the office's internal efficiency and allow for more timely messaging and accurate recordkeeping. These improvements in turn represent better stewardship of your membership investment in the Association.

Tech Officials, Entry Clerks, and Associate Members received emails in December 2020 notifying them of their total rollovers, and Official, Clerk, and Associate Membership applications are available at the links below.

Digital 2021 Applications

Printable 2021 Applications