Name Position Phone Suburb State Country
Gregg Randall Managerial Operations (614) 436-1761 x25 Columbus Ohio
Bev Ross Accounting (614) 436-1761 x22 Columbus Ohio
Helen Swartz Secretary of Administration (614) 436-1761 x21 Columbus Ohio
Jon Dunlap Design, Scorekeeping, Data Analysis (614) 436-1761 x26 Columbus Ohio
Matthew Steinmetz Streaming, Scoreboard, Advertising (614) 436-1761 x24 Columbus Ohio
Michaela Kramer Publications Editor, Subscriptions, Media (614) 436-1761 x23 Columbus Ohio
Evan Smith Website, Social Media, Web Mall (614) 436-1761 x28 Columbus Ohio
Larry Richwine Director of Tech Services (317) 852-0630 Brownsburg Indiana

Contact Info

National Tractor Pullers Association
6155-B Huntley Road,
Columbus, OH 43229

PHONE: (614) 436-1761

FAX: (614) 436-0964