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Web Link St. Joseph Diesel Inc.

St Joseph Diesel was established in 1976 by Steve Webster and his wife Rose Webster. The company specialized in diesel fuel injection repair.

Today, St Joseph Diesel is in its second generation as a family business. They have grown into a full product line factory authorized fuel injection repair station as well as a distributor for all major brands of turbochargers, injectors, and fuel injection pumps. They offer many performance products for automotive, agriculture, and construction applications.  Nothing is too small or too big.

Web Link Titian Speed Engineering

Specializes in Oil Pumps, Filters, Clutches and Rockers

Web Link Brown & Miller Racing Solutions

We Specialize in Fuel, Oil and Water Connection Systems for Motorsports.Here at Brown and Miller Racing Solutions, formerly known as Icore Autosport, we are a company 100% dedicated to motorsports. With over 40 years experience in the aerospace and motorsport industries, let our engineers assist you in building the best system for your racecar. We are committed to getting you the parts you want with the service you expect at the best possible value. Our lightweight range of hose satisfies virtually every racing application and our fittings are designed for safety, reliability and optimum weight saving.

Web Link Diamond Pistons

Since 1968, Diamond Racing has been producing the highest quality racing parts around. From the early 70's Diamond has been concentrating on manufacturing forged pistons for the racing industry. Diamond has also expanded its shelf stock inventory to include hundreds of stocking part numbers. Most of these parts can be shipped on the same day. Diamond is dedicated to customer service and has a strong commitment to quality.

Web Link Harland Sharp

As a small family owned & operated business, Harland Sharp still individually, hand inspects and packs each rocker arm before it leaves our shop and is sent to you. With a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, it is no wonder that more racers choose Harland Sharp than any other brand.

Web Link Smith Brothers Pushrods

We’ve been crafting custom pushrods since 1953. We build superior quality pushrods for performance cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, restoration and custom projects. We’re a proud supplier to the Childress Racing team. Our pushrods can be found in many NASCAR performance engines, and in your everyday driver.

Web Link MSD Ignition

MSD, LLC was founded in 1970 as a research and development company by two engineers from White Sands (New Mexico) Missile Range. The men and their other partners were working on a lean burn fuel system called the Electrasonic Fuel Induction system to help fuel economy of new and older automobiles.

As the new fuel system was being perfected, the air/fuel mixture was becoming so lean that it was difficult for conventional breaker points and early electronic ignitions to ignite it. The men of MSD, LLC then started investigating a new ignition system by using modern technology called capacitive discharge (CD). The CD design opened another door for the ignition, the capability to spark multiple times.

MSD has produced the best performing and most popular performance ignitions for over 20 years. The high energy spark of the CD design combined with multiple sparks resulted in a potent ignition. Not only did the multiple spark discharge (MSD) ignite the lean fuel mixture, it made overall improvements in the engine's performance! Improved starting, smooth idle, less emissions and more power are benefits every car and truck can take advantage of, especially race cars.

Web Link Precision Planting

Precision Planting is a leader in agriculture technology. We develop innovative products and solve important agronomic issues facing growers. And we provide the insights and assistance so each farmer can reach their best yield.

Web Link StainlessDiesel.com

stainless diesel web links

When you want superior diesel performance, depend on Stainless Diesel. Here at Stainless Diesel we sell cutting edge products that make power and will stand the test of time.  We are the original manufacture of the Stainless exhaust manifolds for the Dodge Cummins.

With a zero percent failure rate, our Stainless manifolds are made right here in the USA!

Stainless Diesel offers custom single and twin turbo piping kits, billet turbo upgrade compressor wheels, and personalized complete turbo chargers.  From towing to ALL OUT diesel performance!

With a highly product and market educated team to assist you on any questions, concerns, or choosing the correct setup to fit your needs feel confident when choosing Stainless Diesel as our team consist of Racers, builders, tuners and enthusiasts with a history of success in truck and tractor pulling, drag racing, all the way down to knowing the daily use need! It’s not our job, it’s our passion!

Web Link Hot Shot's Secret

Hot Shot’s Secret is founded on the principle that fixing engine problems and improving our customers’ lives are our top priorities. Our products provide problem-specific solutions for vehicle owners across the United States and around the world.

Web Link Diamond Claw® by Shaftech®

Diamond Claw® Surface Locks prevent loose flywheel bolts, stop surface welding & fretting from damaging expensive components. Shaftech also offers Crankshaft Modification & Repair and Omicron® Super Finishing.

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