Bob Williams | 1995


Bob Williams | 1995

Bob called his tractor Double Trouble. It was an AC D-21 and in his last years of competition, which was in the late 1980s, it had a three-charger system that made it a fearsome pulling tractor.

The Groveport, Ohio resident was one of NTPA pulling's best friends and surely one of the sport's most ardent participants. He once called pulling "a crazy disease you can't throw off."

He could count himself among the very early pullers who helped the sport get off the ground and saw it grow into the major motorsport it is today.

Along the way - his pulling career spanned some 20 years - he collected his share of honors, befitting of a man who was a fierce Super Stock competitor. In 1977, he was voted by his peers as Super Stock Puller of the Year. Then in 1986, he received another coveted award, that of Mechanic of the Year, which no doubt meant a great deal to him because of the award's association with his dear friend, Marshall Myre, who initiated the award.

Surely a highlight in his long pulling career came along in 1980 when he and John Hileman were invited to go to Holland. They took their wives and their vehicles and went across the "big ditch." Bob enjoyed his visit and European pulling fans made quite an impression on him, too. As he later recalled, "Those people could drink more beer and make more noise than any group of people I ever saw."

In April, 1995, a heart attack claimed him. He had just turned 70.

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