Ed Hart | 1980


Ed Hart | 1980

Ed Hart became involved in tractor pulling in the late 1950's as a competitor (AC D-21) and finally an official of NTPA. He was OSTPA Point Champion and World Champion at the M & W Farm Power Show in 1966 in Iowa. Ed's early involvement in pulling and promotional ability made him a natural to become the first President of the association in 1970 and then became Executive Director in 1972. With his help, NTPA became a reality in late 1969 when five states joined together to form NTPA.

The first NTPA office was in the basement of his house. With his wife, Joan, serving as secretary, he helped to develop and manage the association in its early days and can be credited with much of the success that NTPA has enjoyed. He was instrumental in starting such pulls in the early days, including the National Tractor Pulling Championships, Bowling Green, Ohio, in 1967, and Indy Super Pull, Indianapolis, Indiana in 1974. He is a member of Indiana Pullers, Inc. (IPI).

In April, 1974, Ed joined Farmfest '76 in Mankato, Minnesota, as manager and developed what is still considered the largest farm show ever staged. He now manages his own fertilizer hauling and spreading company in Ocala, Florida. Ed and Joan have one son, Eddie.

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