Marshall Myre | 1983

Marshall Myre

Marshall Myre | 1983

At the 1983 awards banquet the late Marshall Myre, Seneca, Illinois, was inducted into the Pulling Hall of Fame.

The Pulling Hall of Fame honors those whose contributions have helped develop the sport of pulling and the growth of the National Tractor Pullers Association. The induction of individuals into the Hall of Fame will permanently memorialize the individual's contribution to the sport of pulling.

His wife Melva was on hand to accept the award at the ceremonies in Denver. She expressed her appreciation and honor in accepting the award which is a painting of Marshall.

Marshall passed away on September 1, 1983 after an extended illness. He was an active member of the Illinois Tractor Pullers Association and National Tractor Pullers Association. In 1972 he was named at NTPA Puller of the Year, served on the NTPA Executive Board from 1975-1977 and received the Lyle Bishman Memorial Award in 1979 to name a few of his accomplishments in pulling.

Marshall had been involved with NTPA from day one and remained actively involved until his death. Marshall memorialized his mechanic Keith Underwood, who was killed in an accident, by sponsoring the Keith Underwood Memorial Award. He promoted a national sanctioned event at Morris, Illinois and supported as many national events as possible by pulling his own vehicle. After serving on the NTPA Executive Board, Marshall continued to attend every NTPA meeting giving his support merely by his presence and his advice when asked.

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