Ralph Banter | 1999


Ralph Banter | 1999

“The name says it all” wrote James L. Hill, of Decatur, Indiana in response to The Puller magazine’s question - “Who was the greatest competitor of the past 30 years of NTPA Championship Pulling and why. The name Hill was referring to? The Banter Brothers. In the circle of the tractor pulling universe, one does not have to mention what sport you are talking about when these two brothers are mentioned. It is clear that you are talking about NTPA Pulling when you mention the name “Banter Bros”. Like Michael Jordan was to the NBA as Richard Petty was to NASCAR, the Banter Bros. clearly dominated their sport. Ralph’s engineering expertise coupled with Dave’s driving ability enabled the team to amass a whooping 22 NTPA Grand National Pulling titles. They were the first team to have four, five, and six supercharged engines in the sport, and much of the technology available today was helped pioneered by the Banter Bros.

On making the 30 Year NTPA All-Star Team, Dave Banter said, “It is really neat to know that the fans appreciated what I did as much as I appreciated doing it. Tractor pulling fans are the greatest fans out there.”

Ralph summed it up by saying, “Dave and I worked it as a team. A lot of our fans know that we did not run top power - I enjoyed trying to out engineer the competition.”

Oh, and by the way. Dave and Ralph Banter were voted by the fans as the Greatest Competitors over the last 30 years of NTPA Championship Pulling. Legends of the sport of NTPA pulling, indeed the name says it all: Dave and Ralph Banter - The Banter Brothers!

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