Divisional Committees

The divisional committee structure was re-established in December 2007 at the annual NTPA Convention and Awards Banquet weekend as an integral part of the NTPA rule making process. The committees were appointed by the WPI/NTPA Executive Board of Directors.

Each committee contains a minimum of three competitors who are involved in that particular division; one member is named chair. Each committee will represent both State/Regional and Grand/Super National levels of pulling. Members may not serve on the WPI or NTPA Executive Boards while serving on a Divisional Committee. Each Divisional Committee will act as an advisory arm to the WPI/NTPA Executive Board of Directors.

The findings of each divisional committee will be recommendations. These recommendations will be considered by the WPI/NTPA Executive Boards as they are making decisions for new rules or changes in current rules for the NTPA Rulebook.

Competitors in the various divisions may direct rule changes to their Divisional Committee members.

NTPA Divisional Committees Term expiration date is in parentheses.

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