Four Region II Divisions to Award 2023 Subregional Championships

Four Region II Divisions to Award 2023 Subregional Championships

Columbus, Ohio—The National Tractor Pullers Association enters its 53rd championship season with a strong slate of Regional National events. And four divisions in Region II will offer competitors a selection of titles to pursue.

Light Pro Stocks, Stainless Diesel Pro Stock Diesel 4×4 3.0s, and Modified Minis each have 21 scheduled appearances in the region, while multi-engine Modifieds are preparing for 27. Resultantly, each of the above divisions will award two subregional championships based on varying splits of each of their circuits.

The Light Pros’ circuit will be divided into East and West subregions. The 10 hooks that will count toward the East title are in Waynesburg, Marion, Wilmington, Washington Court House, Springfield, Marysville, Sandusky, Zanesville, Norwalk, and Medina. The 11 hooks that will count toward the West title are in Paulding, Wauseon (MVP), Rushville, Arcola x 2, Greensburg, Fort Recovery x 2, Eaton, Greenville, and Lynn.

The 3.0 Trucks’ campaign will be segmented into North and South subregions. The 11 hooks in the North are in Paulding, Wauseon (MVP), Fremont, Dorr, Arcola x 2, Logansport, Charlotte, Cassopolis, and Roanoke. The 10 hooks in the South are in Waynesburg, Cadiz, Mechanicstown, Marion, Marysville, Eaton, Zanesville, Norwalk, Greenville, Richwood, and Medina.

The Minis’ tour will be bifurcated into Northwest and Southeast subregions. In the Northwest are 11 hooks: Fremont, Dorr, Charlotte x 2, Hartford, Cassopolis, Berrien Springs, Hudsonville, Allegan, and Centreville x 2. In the Southeast are 10 hooks: Wauseon (MVP), Arcola x 2, Marysville, Monroe, Coldwater, Sandusky, Armada, Findlay, and Roanoke.

And the Modifieds’ series will also be separated into Northwest and Southeast subregions. The Northwest events include 14 hooks across Paulding, Wauseon (MVP), Fremont, Arcola x 2, Logansport, Charlotte, Monroe, Coldwater, Hudsonville, Wauseon, Roanoke, Centreville, and Hillsdale. Southeast events include 13 hooks across Waynesburg, Marion, Wilmington, Washington Court House, Springfield, Fort Recovery, Urbana (CCF), Sandusky, Zanesville, Norwalk, Greenville, Richwood, and Medina.

Though each pair of subregional championships will be awarded independently, there are no conflicts between subregions, and pullers may elect to pursue both titles. To incentivize that effort, competitors in each of the above divisions who earn the greatest number of total points within Region II will earn an additional $1,000.

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