Grand National Divisional and Regional Circuit Sponsors

Please support the many sponsors of the National Tractor Pullers Association. Without our sponsors the NTPA would not be able to provide the same level of exciting pulling action.

If you would like to sponsor the NTPA, advertise online, or pursue numerous other options, please contact Dan Schroer.

NTPA Grand National Divisional Sponsors
NewFields Ag
NewFields Ag®—GN Super Stock Diesel Sponsor NewFields Ag sponsors the Grand National Super Stock Diesel Tractor division. Headquartered in Grand Mound, Iowa, New Fields Ag is an innovative agricultural science and technology company that provides liquid biologicals, liquid and dry seed treatments, planter box lubricants and biologicals, and other crop inputs. NewFields Ag works with customers and resellers in more than 30 states, Canada, and New Zealand to provide Climate-Smart solutions that aid in soil and plant health, increasing crop yields and food inputs quality. For more information about NewFields Ag, visit

Hi Torque
Hi-Torque®—NTPA GN Super Farm Sponsor Hi Torque IMI Performance Products, Inc. sponsors the Grand National Super Farm Tractor division. Headquartered in Whittier, California, Hi Torque manufactures the highest quality gear reduction starter motors on the market today. Their units are expertly designed and coupled to an original DENSO product. Their U.S. Patented design maximizes the clearance considerations necessary for their customer’s difficult-to-fit application. For more information about Hi Torque, visit

Yoder Popcorn
Yoder Popcorn®—NTPA GN Pro Stock Sponsor Yoder Popcorn sponsors the Grand National Pro Stock Tractor division. In 1936, Rufus Yoder started growing popcorn on his family farm. In the Amish custom, he shared his excess crop with his friends and neighbors. They told their friends and neighbors about the excellent quality of Yoder Popcorn, and soon a business was born. Today, the same fine products and friendly service are provided by Rufus’ great niece Sharon, her husband Richard, and their youngest son Russ and his wife Allyse. Besides operating the Popcorn Shoppe, the Yoders farm 2,000 acres, and Russ competes on the GN circuit with the “Xtra Butter” Minneapolis-Moline Pro Stock. For more information about Yoder Popcorn, visit

CM Pulling Tires
CM Pulling Tires®—GN Two Wheel Drive Sponsor CM Pulling Tires sponsors the Grand National Two-Wheel-Drive Truck division. Headquartered in Reynolds, Indiana, CM Pulling Tires opened in 2015 with a mission of producing winners and providing good service at reasonable rates. In addition to the Mayhill-owned GIANT PULLER Tire, brands offered for sale include Firestone, Mitas, Parkes, and Pro Puller and wheel brands including Keizer, Midwest, and Real. CM Pulling Tires also provides services such as new and used tire cutting and sharpening, tire curing, and wheel mounting and drilling. For more information about CM Pulling Tires, visit

Doctor Preload
Doctor Preload®—NTPA GN Super Semi Sponsor Doctor Preload sponsors the Grand National Super Semi Truck division. Headquartered in Fonda, New York, Doctor Preload is a product of Temper Axle, a company that has earned the trust of truck, bus, and specialty fleets around the world. They are backed by parent company, Temper Corporation, a leader in specializing bearing adjustment solutions for over 40 years. The company designs and manufactures products for a wide range of applications and industries. For more information about Doctor Preload, visit

GMS Manufacturing & Machine
GMS Manufacturing & Machine®—GN Light Modified Sponsor GMS Manufacturing & Machine sponsors the Grand National Light Modified division. Headquartered in Butler County, Ohio, the company continues the tradition begun by the late Gene Scharber and the machine shop he founded in 1999. GMS produces hundreds of parts for competitive tractor pulling teams around the world. For more information about GMS Manufacturing & Machine, visit

NTPA Regional National Circuit Sponsors
TerraMax®—Region III Sponsor TerraMax sponsors the NTPA’s Region III, which includes events in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. A microbial crop research group located in Eagan, Minnesota. TerraMax makes Azospirillum-based and rhizobia-based products that help plants’ root systems effectively pull nitrogen from the air and access nutrients from the soil. This results in higher crop yields and stronger plant development. For more information about TerraMax, visit

Pro Puller Tires
ProPuller Tires®—Region IV Sponsor ProPuller Tires, LLC sponsors the NTPA’s Region IV, which includes events in North Carolina. ProPuller is based near Firth, Nebraska and is dedicated to providing the best pulling tires on the market, period. After the first edition of the Full Pull tire was built overseas, production moved to the United States for better quality, consistency, and technology. The latest ProPuller tire line is the Holeshot in 10, 12, and 14-ply 24.5 x 32 and feature a wider footprint for even more traction, as well as a proprietary rubber compound that grips the dirt better than ever! For more information about ProPuller Tires, visit

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