Helen Swartz - Administration

helensmallBorn in West "by God" Virginia and a native Ohioan, Helen still calls Wheeling, W.V. home. She moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1985 with her husband Don and daughter Michele and worked for an oil company. In 1986 her son Zach joined the family and Helen went looking for a job that required less time in the office and more time with the family. She accepted a job at Price Waterhouse as a librarian. After six years, she decided to take some time off to do some camping and get into dog breeding as a hobby (she only had to do that once to find out it's a lot of work!). After taking a year off to spend quality time with her family, Helen decided to rejoin the workforce in January 1993 and found an interesting-looking job title of Marketing Assistant for the NTPA. After a few months, she was asked to fill in the vacant spot of Membership Director and was more than happy to accommodate. After many years of overseeing membership and administrative duties, Helen now works part-time in the office handling various administrative duties. Helen has seen a lot of changes and various people come and go over the years, but she will always be amazed at the small town feeling within a big organization.

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