Nancy Obermeyer, Longtime Columnist for The Puller, Has Died

The WPI/NTPA office is saddened to report the passing on Thursday, September 30 of Nancy Obermeyer, 85, of Kokomo, Indiana. Mrs. Obermeyer was the wife of longtime competitor and NTPA charter member Richard Obermeyer and a regular contributor to The Puller, the Association's official magazine, during the 1970s.

Mr. and Mrs. Obermeyer operated their family farm near Kokomo for decades until his death in 2006. Mr. Obermeyer was the treasurer at the founding of the NTPA in 1969 and continued in this office until 1978 as the organization's membership grew exponentially and advanced into dozens of states.

Mrs. Obermeyer embraced Richard's critical leadership role in the pursuit of his hobby, and she soon took on one of her own with her monthly columns, "The Puller's Wife" and "Women's Section." Part autobiographies, part interview features, part road trip anthologies, and part advice columns, Mrs. Obermeyer's writings kept the "better halves" of many teams entertained and engaged as she introduced them to countless competitors and their fellow pullers' spouses/girlfriends as well as their families.

She and Mr. Obermeyer were also involved in presenting the Indy Super Pull invitational event during much of its run from the mid-1970s through the early 1990s. She later became an officer with the Kokomo YWCA, serving as its president and as a representative on that organization's national board.

Mrs. Obermeyer's complete obituary may be found here.

Our condolences rest upon the Obermeyer family as they fondly remember Nancy's full life. The pulling world and its written record are both far richer for the time she devoted to them.