2022 NTPA Contingency Program Tops $585,000 in Offerings

Columbus, Ohio---The NTPA’s Contingency Program benefits competitors on the Grand National and Regional National pulling circuits. By entering the program, placing the required sponsor decals on their competition vehicles and achieving wins or top finishes in nationally-sanctioned classes, pullers earn cash awards or product vouchers.

In 2022, eight companies have elected to be part of the program, bringing the total value in cash, services and merchandise offered to qualifying finishers in national classes to more than $585,000. 2022 NTPA Contingency Program Sponsors

Companies participating in the program include Bill Miller Engineering, Brown & Miller Racing Solutions, Gene’s Machine Shop, Haisley Machine, Scheid Diesel Service Company, SCS Gearbox/Probell Racing Products, STOP-FYRE® and Summit Racing Equipment. Corporate participants other than Summit Racing will reward eligible winners and runners-up, while Summit Racing will instead reward eligible winners and fifth-place finishers. All GN competitors are automatically enrolled with Summit Racing (unless the competitor opts out of the program) and should display Summit Racing decals.

"Being part of this program is beneficial to our competitors and a great way for them to connect with performance- and safety-related manufacturers," the NTPA's Executive Director, Gregg Randall, said. "We are excited to welcome back eight established sponsors this year."

Link to Online Contingency Application.

Print Contingency Application.

To qualify for the NTPA Contingency Program, you must hold a current 2022 NTPA Competition (Driver’s) License, register your vehicle(s) at the Grand or Regional National level and submit the program enrollment form. The NTPA office will mail decals for your selected sponsors upon enrollment. These decals must be visible on both sides of your competition vehicle at all NTPA events.

Use a separate enrollment form for each vehicle. If you enroll a vehicle with multiple drivers, list all drivers on the application. Mark the sponsors from whom you wish to receive contingency benefits; otherwise, you will be enrolled as having selected all sponsors. If benefits should be issued to a person or company other than the driver, please include that information.

The deadline to enroll in the 2022 NTPA Contingency program is Monday, June 27. 

Contact the NTPA office with questions at 614-436-1761 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.