Budweiser Dairyland NTPA Super Nationals
Recreation Park
Tomah, WI
Session Five:  Saturday, June 24, 2023  7 p.m.

Place Driver Vehicle Distance
 (Pull)  Hometown  Description  Points
R.J. Simon Simon Sez Chevy RO
  Farley, IA 2019 Chevrolet Colorado 15.0
Joey Frasur Come Around Sundown RO
  Liberty, IN 1923 Ford T 15.0
Jared Nelson Midnight Revenger RO
  Altamont, IL 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 0.0
Roger Torgerson Wide Open RO
  Harmony, MN 2003 Ford F150 0.0
Nathan Faust Hangtime RO
  Beaver Dam, WI 2015 Chevrolet Colorado 15.0
R.J. Simon Dirty Pearl RO
  Farley, IA 2010 Chevrolet Colorado 15.0
Chad Haggerty Hillbilly Hotrod RO
  Boscobel, WI 1934 Dodge Custom 0.0
Dustin Amundson Bottoms Up RO
  Nerstrand, MN 1923 Ford T 0.0
Donnie Sullivan Big Stick RO
  Warsaw, KY 2005 Chevrolet Colorado 15.0
Chad Timmerman Showdown RO
  Dickeyville, WI 1998 Chevrolet S10 0.0
Wayne Timmerman Showtime RO
  Cuba City, WI Chevrolet S10 0.0
Jordan Nelson Loud and Low RO
  Farley, IA 2019 Chevrolet Colorado 15.0
Mason Theobald Wicked RO
  Shelbyville, IN 1923 Ford T 15.0
Jacob Shephard Alcohol Addiction Retapped RO
  Brown City, MI 1947 Chevrolet 15.0
Brad Wachob Thor RO
  Farley, IA Ford Ranger 15.0
Gavin Wangen Back Forty RO
  Harmony, MN 1932 Chevrolet 5 Window Coupe 0.0
Teigyn Moore Pack Rat V RO
  Mankato, MN Ford T 0.0
Tony Fleming Hi Maintenance RO
  Lamont, IA 2019 Chevrolet Colorado 0.0
Chase Richardson Full Pull App RO
  Leitchfield, KY 15.0
Ray Fintak Extreme Scheme RO
  North Collins, NY 1923 Ford T 15.0
Chaz Fleming In 2 Deep RO
  Lamont, IA 2019 Chevrolet Colorado 0.0
Brent Petersen Heartbeat RO
  Waverly, IA 1930 Chevy Roadster 0.0
Jessie Petro Buckeye Hauler RO
  Camden, OH 1923 Ford T 15.0
Corey Kielmeyer Double Up RO
  Nerstrand, MN 1923 Ford T 0.0
Matt Bartz Never Satisfied RO
  McIntosh, MN 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 0.0
Jessie Petro Kathy's Komplaint RO
  Camden, OH 1923 Ford T 15.0
Mike Finucan Dollars and No Sense RO
  Camp Douglas, WI 1946 Dodge Truck 0.0
Jason Sullivan Corn Burner RO
  Edgewood, IA 2008 Dodge Dakota 15.0
Brent Secrest Nuth'n EZ 'Bout It RO
  Celina, OH 1923 Ford T 15.0
Troy Warschkow Jeepers Creepers RO
  Iowa Falls, IA 1948 Jeep 0.0
Russ Nichols On the Edge RO
  Lore City, OH 2020 Ford Ranger 15.0
Lisa Tatum Full Throttle RO
  Bardstown, KY 2001 Chevrolet S-10 0.0
Marty Clock Just Like Clockwork RO
  Gaston, IN 1993 Chevrolet S10 15.0
Tony Tatum Parts City Auto Parts RO
  Bardstown, KY 2000 Chevrolet S-10 0.0
Kyle J Timmerman Hot 'N' Nasty RO
  Dickeyville, WI 2019 Chevrolet Colorado 0.0
Tim Beaty Sawmill Express RO
  Jamestown, TN 2018 Chevrolet Colorado 15.0
Kerry Unger Overtime 2 RO
  Eaton, OH 1929 Ford T 15.0
R.J. Simon Simon Sez Dodge RO
  Farley, IA 1990 Dodge Dakota 15.0
Tyler Johnson A Bit of Magic III RO
  Harmony, MN 1998 Chevrolet 3500 0.0
Bethany Nelson Sweet Revenge RO
  Altamont, IL 1972 Chevrolet C-10 0.0
Alan W Cain Madd Maxx RO
  West Alexandria, OH 1937 Ford 15.0