Road to the Enderle: Week 18 RN Traffic Report (Final Competitor List)

RoadToEnderle webWorthington, Ohio---In our penultimate look at the NTPA Regional National calendar and its implications on those coveted Enderle Pull-Off berths, our travels take us from Wauseon to Canton to Findlay, Ohio and to Ridgeland, Wisconsin. Precisely 12 paths came to their conclusion this week, and 12 more will next week as Sandwich, Illinois and Roanoke, Lynn, and Tipton, Indiana have their turns in the spotlight.

Update: Unfortunately, rain cancellations of Roanoke (with points assigned) and Lynn and Tipton (with no points assigned) have settled the last of our 2018 berths. Keep checking this space as competitors accept their invtations or require replacements.

You can now purchase tickets to the 32nd Enderle Memorial Pull-Off on Saturday, September 15 in Urbana, Ohio at the NTPA Webmall ( For event details, check out (Report going into week of September 4-September 10. Berths clinched: 41. Current Enderle RN point standings.) We discuss the state of the 13 premier-level races in our separate Grand National Road to the Enderle Traffic Report.


  • Berth A (Region II Champion): Rain in Lynn has closed out the race for this berth, and Jason Irvin's win at the Champaign County Fair aboard "Drunkin' Punkin'" has clinched in a tie with James Hart's "Hart's Desire" broken by Irvin's win in Urbana.
  • Berth B (Region III/V Total): Two thirds of the way through this bi-regional path, the Pichler/Norby "Red Thunder" has two wins and a perfect 60-point score. Ken Witt's "Mr. Yuk" (-4) still has hopes of catching up but will have to do it all at Ridgeland this Sunday.
  • Berth C (Hopkinsville): Two hooks in Hopkinsville settled this berth in favor of Robert Galloway's "Hulk Alcohol Edition." Andy Cox drove it to a tiebreak victory over Daniel Northcutt's "On the Edge."


  • Berth A (Region II Champion): John Pfeiffer and "Pfeiffermax" will once again represent Region II. Pfeiffer finished only four points under the maximum possible over a six-appearance season in which he scored three wins.
  • Berth B (Region III/V Total): Witt and "Mr. Yuk" showed their mettle with a third in Steele County to clinch both this berth and the Region III HSS title.
  • Berth C (Raleigh 2017): On the strength of a third and a fifth in Raleigh last October, Ronnie Strickland's "Another Outlaw" will make another appearance at the Enderle. He knocked off the Beasleys' "Farmers Pride" by two. Update: The "Outlaw" has made it north, but Mr. Strickland had to stay home and attend to weather-related matters. James Vanhoy will drive in his stead.
  • Berth D (Hopkinsville): Brandon Hunt found his quarry with two no-doubt wins at near-hometown Hopkinsville. His "Liv'n a Dream"  is in the show.


  • Berth A (Allegan 2017 + 2018 Region II Through Tipton): The Tipton cancellation means that the Capozzos' "Cruel Intentions" completed its comeback from missing Allegan last fall to win the race for Berth A by 5.5 points. The championship, which they also lead, will be finalized in Allegan this Thursday.
  • Berth B (Allegan 2017 + 2018 Region II Through Tipton Runner-Up): The Caseys and their "Whoopie Maker" withstood the season-long hard charge of Jorge Zenz's "Minor Setback" (-3.5) to make it to Urbana.
  • Berth C (Region III Champion): The Rohdes' "Somethin' Fierce" and Dan Schulte's "Binder Express" scratched and clawed at Ridgeland, but Mitch Fehn's "Red Storm Reloaded" took fourth place to fend off its closest challengers by three and seven points, respectively.
  • Berth D (Raleigh 2017): Burnace Vandergriff picked a good weekend to vacation in North Carolina. The Deere driver from the Volunteer state qualified his "Green Fever" on the strength of Saturday afternoon's hook at the State Fair, and it stood when Pinetops was washed out.
  • Berth E (Region V Champion): Rod Deck made the Saturday night calculations easy. Up by five coming in, his "Dream On" won the Bremer County Fair Pull and with it Region V's berth.
  • Berth F (Hopkinsville): Michael Fanning has arrived. With a third and a win in western Kentucky, "Bad Habit Is Back" is your Mid-South qualifier. Finishing a heartbreaking second was Cranford Jennings; his "Bare Bones Binder" barely lost on a tiebreaker.


  • Berth A (Allegan 2017 + 2018 Region II): Cameron Aller did the honors in Hancock County for the "Ground Force" team to clinch the Region II title and one of the territory's two Enderle berths.
  • Berth B (Allegan 2017 + 2018 Region II Runner-Up): The Campbells' "Soup Line Express" may need some chicken noodle to get well before visiting Champaign County. Update: The Campbells have declined, and two-time regional champ Ryan Walters has accepted, so "Chasin' Tail" will appear in Urbana.
  • Berth C (Hopkinsville): "El Nino" stormed to a first and a second in Hopkinsville, stamping Philip Parish's pass to Urbana. Update: Word is that the Parishes will have to decline. It's the "D2 Pro Stock Edition" of Darrin Hunt who will take his place.


  • Berth A (Region II East Through Canton): Kendall Houk extended his margin of victory to five with "Nothing Special"'s fourth-place finish in the berth's wrap-up event in Canton. It'll be Houk's third straight trip to Urbana. Scott Webb's "Ragin' Red" (-5) and Terry Shafer's "Bad Company" (-18), the latter a winner in Stark County, can still claim the division with three hooks to go.
  • Berth B (Region II West Champion): Triply disappointing for the Western contenders, the final three hooks were been lost to rain. Wes Spencer has thus clinched the title and berth with "Bush Wacker."
  • Berth C (Region III Champion): Collin Birkholz's IH 1456 bookended the season with wins including Sunday at Ridgeland to earn his first trip to the Enderle out of Region III.
  • Berth D (Raleigh 2017): Mark Garrett's "Southern Smoke" sealed its envelope last October at the Showdown. A Friday night win was all it took once the Pinetops 300 was zeroed out for 2018. Update: The hurricane has kept Garrett and "Smoke" home, so Vanhoy's runner-up "Shade Tree Smoker" has answered the call.


  • Berth A (Region II Champion): Brad and Garrett Boldry's "Smoke Fever" are Region II's champs and reps after rain across eastern Indiana ended the season in Fort Recovery. The father-son duo finished with three wins in four appearances. Update: A family wedding will keep the Boldrys in Indiana, but Tim Overmyer has agreed to pilot "Smoke Fever" Saturday in Urbana.
  • Berth B (Region III Champion): By a single point, Bill Figanbaum's "Instigator"  is the Region III champion over Kevin Lindstrom's "Hyper Harvester," which won the closeout at Ridgeland. As anticipated, that sets up an at-large situation for Berth C (explained below).
  • Berth C (Region V Champion): With "Instigator" having additionally won Region V, the resulting  at-large berth is awarded to the vehicle with the second-greatest combined points over the two paths to the Pull-Off. That turned out to be Lindstrom's "Hyper Harvester," which finished one point back of Figanbaum in III and 12 points behind in V.


  • Berth A (2018 Region II East Through Findlay): Brent Secrest completed his comeback over good friend Jacob Shephard on Sunday night. Secrest's "Nuthin' EZ 'Bout It," which won in Canton, took third in Findlay to win the face by a single point over "Alcohol Addiction Retapped." That's not the East's only prize, however, and with three passes left to make across central Ohio, it should be an exciting finish.
  • Berth B (Region II West Champion): Randy Petro's "Vintage Kathy's Komplaint" is the Western champion for the second consecutive season and an Enderle qualifier for the third. Petro has thus earned titles with both editions of "K.K."
  • Berth C (Region III Champion): Dustin Amundson's "Bottoms Up" took second in Sandwich to finish off his second straight Region III title by nine over Dale Stampfli's "Twisted Tight" operated by Rick Austin.
  • Berth D (Pinetops): With Pinetops' cancellation, no hooks remained on which to base an invitation. Hence, this berth will remain vacant.
  • Berth E (Region V Champion): Austin and Dale Stampfli are your champions and Enderle invitees. Stampfli's sixth in Monticello with "Twisted Tight" was enough to beat out Austin's own ride, "Dirt Flirt" (-6), and Timmerman's "Showtime" (-8), which had an off night.
  • Berth F (Hopkinsville): Wesley Foster's "Barbwire" jumped to first and second in Hoptown to win this berth by a point over Evan Anderson's "Playin' Hooky."


  • Berth A (Region II Champion): Lynn's washout concludes the year for the Four Wheelers, and Steve Elchinger's "Jus' Passin' Thru" is now a two-time champion. The final margin over Ron Newell's "Temporary Insanity" stands at six.
  • Berth B (Region III Champion): Cory Lemirande's "Breakin' Da Law" bent but didn't---well, you know. Lawrence Line's "Totally Hooked" did all it could by winning in Sandwich, but could close the gap only to four. See you in Urbana, Cory.
  • Berth C (Pinetops): With Pinetops' cancellation, no hooks remained on which to base an invitation. Hence, this berth will remain vacant.
  • Berth D (Region V Champion): After winning Region III last year, Matthew Davis chose to run the whole V schedule this season and clinched that championship with "Outrage" in Monticello. Davis topped three trucks that finished two points back: Jamie Busch's "Thunder Struck," the Suchys' "Totally Geared," and Brian Loosbrock's "American Iron," the last of which led through Rockwell.


  • Berth A (2018 Region II East Through Canton): Rob Wright drove it off on Saturday night in Canton, winning the class and the 3.0s' first berth with his "All Attitude." Like the other Easterners, however, the champ chase doesn't end until after the Enderle; for the diesels, it's over in Dover.
  • Berth B (2018 Region II West Through Tipton): Rain was hard on the late stretch of this race, taking the last three chances away from challengers to Adam Hallien's "Wrecker." Hallien finished with a four-point advantage to earn the championship in the PSD 4x4 3.0's first split-region season.
  • Berth C (2018 Region II Combined Through Tipton): Jeff Hossler's "Flirtin' with Disaster" ran 'em all and earned the preordained at-large berth over Nickolas Stamm's "Frank." (Hossler might have been happy for the rest. Whaddya bet he draws test hook?)


  • Berth A (Allegan 2017 + 2018 Region II North Through Hudsonville): Two top-three finishes for David Lacey's "Triple Play: Double or Nothing" in Hudsonville were enough to push it beyond the reach of its stablemate "Triple Play Unchained."
  • Berth B (2018 Region II South Through Canton) The at-large indeed goes to Lacey's "Triple Play Unchained," which finished a total of eight points back of "Double."
  • Berth C (Region III): It's been a long wait but it only took a short distance to decide this berth. Bret Berg's "Cenex" won at Ellsworth and finished fourth at Ridgeland; Nathan Hoffman's "Shakin' Shamrock" claimed fourth in Pierce County and won on Eldon Luer Field. So the berth gets decided by the pullers' total distance across those events, and by a 4.325' margin, it's Hoffman who will be invited.


  • Berth A (Region II Northwest): Region II is not yet settled---Old Washington and West Salem loom---but Ryan Writsel's "Lucky Stryke" is the victor in both the Northwestern and Southeastern halves that count toward the Enderle.
  • Berth B (Region II Southeast through Zanesville): Todd Feiss and "S'no Farmer" thus clinch the resulting at-large berth, placing second (-13) in combined points from the paths that led to Berths A and B.
  • Berth C (Anoka): Joe Schoenemann of Yoder, Indiana loaded up Alan Judy's "Raptor" in Germantown, Ohio and headed for Anoka, Minnesota. Two wins later, they're in Urbana, Ohio.
  • Berth D (Raleigh 2017): After his triumphant return to competition, Randy Davis will have had nearly a year to celebrate his invitation. After his first and third in Raleigh to break a tie with Sharon Everman's "Wild Hare," his "Running Bear" clinched the berth when Pinetops was cancelled.

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