2021 GN Divisional/Precommitted Competitors: Unlimited

 Unlimited 2021 PC

  • Joe Eder (North Collins, New York) / Polar Air1
    Champion, 2019 Grand National Unlimited
    402 points...7 GN wins (Hutchinson x 2, Rockwell S3, Chapel Hill S1, Fort Recovery S2, Langford S1, Wellington)...11 top-five finishes...average GN finish: 2.4 (13 appearances)...won 2019 Enderle Pull-Off.
  • Wayne Purser (Norman, Oklahoma) / Uncle Sam
    2nd Place, 2019 Grand National Unlimited
    381 points (-21)...GN win (Bowling Green S5)...11 top-five finishes...average GN finish: 4.1 (13 appearances).
  • Chuck Knapp (Charles City, Iowa) / Screamin' D*
    3rd Place, 2019 Grand National Unlimited
    377 points (-25)...GN win (Tomah S2)...8 top-five finishes...average GN finish: 4.5 (13 appearances).
  • Ricky Rose (Glencoe, Minnesota) / Giddy Up
    4th Place, 2019 Grand National Unlimited
    310 points (-92)...best GN finish: 5th (Hutchinson x 2, Rockwell S3, Langford x 2, Bowling Green S5)...6 top-five finishes...average GN finish: 6.6 (12 appearances).
  • Kevin Criswell (Marion, Ohio) / Blown Centless
    5th Place, 2019 Grand National Unlimited
    271 points (-131)...2 GN wins (Fort Recovery S1, Langford S2)...6 top-five finishes...average GN finish: 4.2 (9 appearances).
  • Adam Bauer (Paton, Iowa) / Cross Threaded*
    6th Place, 2019 Grand National Unlimited
    269 points...GN win (Tomah S5)...4 top-five finishes...average GN finish: 6.7 (9 appearances).
  • Brad Benedict (Marion, Ohio) / Non-Cents All Screwed Up
    7th Place, 2019 Grand National Unlimited
    249 points...best GN finish: 3rd (Fort Recovery S2, Langford x 2)...5 top-five finishes...average GN finish: 4.0 (7 appearances).
  • Dave Richardson (Leitchfield, Kentucky) / 4-Sum
    8th Place, 2019 Grand National Unlimited
    209 points...best GN finish: 4th (Wellington)...1 top-five finish...average GN finish: 6.9 (8 appearances).
  • Mark Cole (Pavilion, New York) / Gambler
    11th Place, 2019 Grand National Unlimited
    115 points...best GN finish: 5th (Tomah S2)...1 top-five finish...average GN finish: 8.8 (5 appearances).
  • Billy Biers (Coeymans Hollow, New York) / War Wagon
    12th Place, 2019 Grand National Unlimited [Stampede]
    88 points...best GN finish: 4th (Langford S1)...1 top-five finish...average GN finish: 10.3 (4 appearances).

2021 precommitted. 1 = defending champion; * = past champion. Current as of 6/11/2021.

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