No 2020 NTPA Champions; Banquet Cancelled; Point Funds to Be Awarded

Worthington, Ohio---For the first time since 1971, there will be no champions of the National Tractor Pullers Association.

The decision was made by the Executive Board of World Pulling International, the parent company of the NTPA. The cost-cutting maneuver comes in response to the drastically curtailed 2020 schedule that has resulted from event cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic. All of the active NTPA-sanctioned circuits—Grand National and Regions II through V—are affected by the move. Reduced year-end point funds will still be awarded to qualifying divisions.
In a related action, the WPI Board voted to suspend the subregional split of 2020 Region II Light Pro Stock, Two Wheel Drive, Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0, Modified Mini, and Modified circuits. These divisions will compete for a single fund apiece.

Also, the Board has acted to cancel the 2020 National Tractor Pullers Association Convention and Awards Banquet that was planned for Friday and Saturday, December 4-5 in Dublin, Ohio. It would have been the 49th consecutive year of the celebratory occasion.

At the time of this release, a Grand National schedule that originally included 159 class appearances across 13 divisions has been reduced to 38. Region II hooks have diminished from to 164 to 60, Region III from 58 to 11, and Region V from 12 to 2. (Region IV, with one or two hooks per division, would not have yielded a champion.)

Though standings will be maintained for the purpose of determining point fund awards, no champions or top finishers will be recognized as such in the Association’s official records. Competitor records for individual events that remain open-entry will be maintained.


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