NTPA to Roll Over Unused Portions of Memberships to 2021

Worthington, Ohio---Competitors who purchased 2020 NTPA driver licenses and/or 2020 NTPA vehicle registrations will have part or all of their paid amounts applied toward 2021 membership fees, announced World Pulling International, the Association's holding company. The decision was reached at the June 21 meeting of the Executive Board and came in the midst of a Championship Pulling season that has been dramatically shortened by the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic.

For the purposes of rollover amount calculation, the basis for a "fully used" membership is six hooks during the calendar year beginning with the 2020 NTPA Winter Nationals in Cloverdale, Indiana. Here, A "hook" refers to any single appearance of a driver or vehicle in which the driver is insured by the policy that is in force due to NTPA or NTPA member state sanctioning, promotion, or other agreement.

A competitor who elected or elects to make at least one hook in 2020 may, for each hook left unused up to a maximum of six, apply one sixth (1/6) of the total of fees paid for their 2020 driver/vehicle combination toward the purchase of a 2021 license and/or registration.

Example: Jane Jones paid the middle rates for a Competition License ($470) and a Grand National Registration ($591) and made four hooks. That left two hooks of her six allotted hooks unused, and so Jane will be able to apply two sixths (2/6) of the $1061 total, or $354, toward her 2021 fees.

A competitor who elected or elects to make zero hooks in 2020 may apply all driver license and vehicle registration fees toward the purchase of a 2021 license and/or registration.

Example: John Smith paid the early rates for a Competition License ($409) and a Regional National/Member State Registration ($240). If John makes zero hooks, John will be able to apply the total, $649, toward his 2021 fees.

Members were presented with the option of requesting a 75-percent refund of fees paid, but no members had applied for such before the August 1, 2020 deadline.

A competitor who is entitled to the rollover or refund of any 2020 license or registration fees may choose to donate those fees to fund the continued operation of the NTPA office. To proceed with a donation, the member is invited to notify the NTPA office in writing (by mail or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on or before November 1, 2020.

Other than to designate their 2020 membership fees for donation, competitors need not take any action. The rollover amounts will be calculated by the NTPA office and applied to 2021 license and registration fees beginning October 1, 2020.

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