On-Site Entry for Rockwell Event; Per-Hook Drivers Advised to Bring Completed Forms

Worthington, Ohio---The next national event on the National Tractor Pullers Association schedule---the North Iowa Nationals in Rockwell, Iowa (August 6-8)---will be conducted using traditional, on-site entry procedures but with social distancing and hygiene measures enforced. All competitors whose vehicles meet competition and safety rules are invited to attend.

Per NTPA policy, competitors who do not possess a current 2020 driver license are required to complete a 2020 NTPA Per-Hook Membership Application for each class entered. In an effort to minimize time spent at or near the entry window, such drivers are strongly encouraged to download and print copies of the per-hook form, which includes a 2020 IRS W9 for reporting purposes. This form is available from the Tech menu at NTPAPULL.com. While a separate per-hook form must be completed and signed for each on-track appearance, only one W9 must be on file per season.

Competitors who possess a current 2020 license and have submitted a W9 to the office are exempt from this requirement and need only complete on-site entry and pay posted entry fees. At Rockwell, participants in the 2020 NTPA Grand National Precommitment Program will be automatically entered and have their fees waived but will be required to report to the entry window to claim their credentials.

Though no championships will be awarded in 2020, vehicles whose registration level (Grand or Regional National) will earn points in like-level classes toward prorated year-end funds. All divisions that appear in Rockwell are GN with the exception of Limited Pro Stock (Region V).

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