Return of Hutchinson's Power Pull Nationals Postponed Until 2022

Organizers of the Power Pull Nationals in Hutchinson, Minnesota have decided that the NTPA Grand National event will not take place in 2021. The Gopher State's lone premier-level pull will likely return to its traditional mid-June placement when it resumes in 2022.

Like the 2020 cancellation, the 2021 postponement of the Power Pull Nationals is due to the ongoing societal and economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. It is anticipated that mass gatherings will continue to be limited in the state of Minnesota through much of the coming year, a factor that contributes to the ever-present challenges of planning a huge sponsor-supported, volunteer-staffed event.

"Ricky and Julie Rose have been great promotional partners for over a decade in evolving their pull to become one of the 'must-attends' on the NTPA calendar," said Gregg Randall, the Association's Executive Director. "We're disappointed that we will go two years without putting a show on for their dedicated fans. But when things return to normal, we urge everyone to keep Hutch in their summer plans, and we'll do our best to make up for lost time."

The Power Pull Nationals event follows Cloverdale, Indiana's NTPA Winter Nationals invitational as previously scheduled 2021 events that will not be presented.

The following is a portion of the text of the Power Pull Nationals' announcement:

Due to many uncontrollable factors, the Power Pull is cancelled for 2021.... Stay tuned for an announcement about a new date in Y2022.

Our deep appreciation continues for our fans, sponsors, family and friends of the Power Pull Nationals. Thank you to everyone in the pulling family. Please pray for our nation. May Jesus bless and keep you safe this season and always.

Sincerely, the Rose Family

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