Six RN Divisions Will Be Split for Subregional Championships, $500 Bonus to Overall Top-Earners

Columbus, Ohio---The National Tractor Pullers Association will again break six of its regional circuits into subregions for the awarding of 2022’s Regional National championships. But new this year is a $500 winner-take-all bonus to be awarded to the top overall point-earner within each region in each split division.

Light Pro Stocks, Two Wheel Drives, Stainless Diesel Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0s, Modified Minis, and Modifieds will each compete on two circuits within Region II, which comprises events in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio as well as Langford, New York. The Light Pros will be separated into East and West subregions, while the 3.0s will run in North and South subregions. The 2022 bifurcation is between the Northwest and Southeast for the Two Wheel Drives, Minis, and Modifieds.

In Region III, which encompasses Sandwich, Illinois plus events in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, the Limited Pro Stocks will run for East and West titles. That move, which was made to ensure that the Limited Pros would not lose a championship upon the consolidation of Regions III and V in 2021, proved to be popular with the region's competitors, as have all of the subregional circuits.

"For divisions that have been asked to compete 20 or more times, albeit within a given region but still across a broad physical territory, we wanted to provide targets that would remain within reach of competitors who don't have the desire or the budget to travel great distances away from their home base," said Gregg Randall, the NTPA's Executive Director. "The subregional concept, which we introduced several years ago now, does not preclude any competitor from running an entire region, as there are no overlapping appearances. But it ensures that every puller in these classes has a challenging but realistic goal---and a $500 prize---on which to set their sights in 2022."

These subregional circuits are, in most cases, distinct from the paths to regional berths the 35th annual Enderle Pull-Off. Those paths, many of which have also been determined geographically, will be listed (once finalized) on the RN Road to the Enderle point tables within the Standings page at

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