The Puller Magazine to Combine May and June Issues

Puller 2020Worthington, Ohio---In light of the numerous ramifications of COVID-19, the management and staff of The Puller --- the official publication of the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) --- have adjusted the magazine’s production schedule. While we remain optimistic that we will have a championship pulling season on which to report, it is well known that the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the NTPA’s national schedule. This has forced the publication to take proactive measures to trim costs while maintaining the magazine’s level of quality.

A change that was unforeseen at our last press date in mid-March was a combination of the May and June issues into May/June, the third bimonthly issue of the year. It remains in production as the shape and size of the 2020 season continue to change. By the time it goes to print in early June, we expect to be able to announce with much greater certainty what both The Puller and pulling, in general, will look like in the near future.

The Puller prides itself on being a trusted source of reliable information for not only magazine subscribers, but also NTPA members and supporters. As we face these challenges, know that we deeply appreciate your readership, just as we always have. So for those of you waiting by the mailbox as the weather warms (or cools: We see you, Aussies and Kiwis!), it's temporary bad news. Your copy of The Puller is going to be delayed a bit longer. But the good news is, we'll make it worth the wait, as always.

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