July 18 Wilmington, Ohio: Required Competitor Pre-Entry Now Open

WilmingtonOHWorthington, Ohio---The Clinton County Fair Board is proceeding with a public fair that will include grandstand attractions. Among these will be the Clinton County Fair NTPA Nationals on Saturday, July 18.

Competitors: PRE-ENTER HERE. Read below for details

After a nearly two-month delay to the start of the Association's regular season due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the five-class Regional National event will become the national opener when the first green flag waves at 6 p.m.

Organizers have announced that adequate sponsorship has been secured to pay the full Regional National purse for each competing division: Light Pro Stock Tractors, Two-Wheel-Drive and Stainless Diesel Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0 Trucks, and Mini and multi-engine Modifieds. Moreover, placings by RN-licensed vehicles will count toward end-of-season Region II point fund awards.

Importantly for competitors who intend to participate at the NTPA pull in Wilmington is the requirement that they pre-register beginning Wednesday, July 1, either online at NTPAPULL.com/preentry or by phone to the NTPA office at 614.436.1761. Pre-entry involves two phases: (1) The competitor indicates their interest in participating, and then (2) The competitor is invited to contact the NTPA office by phone to confirm their registration and to complete payment of all fees. A complete description of the pre-entry procedure may be found here.

The pre-entry window for competitors to indicate their interest will open on Wednesday, July 1 and close on Monday, July 13. Event entry (registration and payment) will close at 3 p.m. on Friday, July 17, after which time lineups will be posted at NTPAPULL.com/lineups.

Pre-registered competitors will be welcomed at the infield gate of the Clinton County Fairgrounds between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. and directed to their assigned parking space. No on-site entry will be conducted, and competitors who have not completed their event registration through the NTPA office will not be permitted to compete.

Spectators will be expected to maintain spatial awareness and to seat themselves in groups of no more than 10 people and spaced at least 6' apart in all seating areas. Those interested in trackside seating are encouraged to bring their own chairs; trackside seating will also follow the above guidelines. The wearing of masks and gloves is encouraged but not required, and hand sanitizing stations will be provided in several locations around the fairgrounds.

Contact Info

National Tractor Pullers Association
6155-B Huntley Road,
Columbus, OH 43229

PHONE: (614) 436-1761

FAX: (614) 436-0964