WPI Statement on Recent Developments in the Pulling Industry

NTPA logo 2015 recoloredColumbus, Ohio---World Pulling International, the parent company of the National Tractor Pullers Association, has issued the following statement in light of the announcement of the discontinuation of the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.

The National Tractor Pullers Association was founded for the betterment of our great motorsport. Whether by the standardization of competition rules, the consistent enforcement of safety measures, or the conduct of world-class events, WPI/NTPA adheres to a philosophy of strategic growth and a standard of contest quality.

Recent developments in the industry have resulted in major changes to the pulling landscape. Specifically, in a press release dated November 21, Lucas Oil Products announced that it is discontinuing its ownership and operation of the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League following the conclusion of the 2022 season. This divestiture has left many fine events, tough competitors, and loyal spectators without the organization with whom they have traditionally been aligned.

It is the position of WPI/NTPA, expressed by its management and implemented by its executive and remote staff, that WPI/NTPA will make every effort to accommodate any formerly PPL events, to welcome all PPL competition members, and to satisfy the demand of pulling fans across the United States. We consider it a matter of high priority to keep truck and tractor pulling an active and integral part of as many communities as possible.

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