NTPA Board of Directors

Jim Webb - Director

webbJim bought a state level minirod in 1984, he had no idea that he would be involved in the sport of truck and tractor pulling for so long. It began as "something" to do with his two sons, Jason and Jesse. The three "J's" are still at it with a couple of minis (Red Headed Stepchild and Jumpin' Jack Flash) on the NTPA circuit. Jim is married to Virginia, a farm girl from Ohio. Jim has three college degrees (Bachelor's and Master's in Business and Bachelor's in Social Studies Education). His last job was a History, Government, and Economics teacher at Churubusco, Indiana. He also coached basketball, Varsity Volleyball, and Track (specializing in the pole vault event). Jim has been a NTPA Tech Official for a number of years and also announces a few NTPA events each year. Jim was elected to the NTPA Board in 2010.

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