Levels of Competition

2012 Regional Map

NTPA competition takes place on four levels: Super National, Grand National, Regional and State.

State Level- The grass roots of organized pulling, the first stepping stone to the other levels. Competition vehicles may be as powerful as higher levels. Some classes are not available at this level, while some are only available at this level.

Grand National- Considered to have the “best of the best” in pulling competition. Home to some of the top competitors and shows in the sport.

Regional Level- The beginning of the “National” pulling level. Many of the competitors and their vehicles are Grand and Super National in ability, but focus on this level due to the time commitment at the higher levels.

Super National- Highest level of competion and reserved for the very best events. Grand National competitors also follow this level of competition. 2019 NTPA Super National events: Budweiser Dairyland Super Nationals Tomah, Wisconsin; Lions Super Pull of the South Chapel Hill, Tennessee; and The National Tractor Pulling Champions Bowling Green

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