Budweiser Wisconsin Dairyland
NTPA Super Nationals
Recreation Park
Tomah, WI
Session 05:
June 25, 2011, 6:00 pm
8,000-lb. Diesel Super Stock Tractors
1. Brian Shramek Young Blood FP/333.860
2. Esdon Lehn Liv'n a Dream FP/309.735
3. Steve Burge Lock-N-Load FP/BR
Complete SSD:GN Results
8,000-lb. Unlimited Modified Tractors
1. Kathy Archer Schalitz Black Widow FP/319.510
2. Bruce Slagh Show No Mercy FP/305.040
3. Bill Leischner Dirtslinger 285.720
Complete UNL:GN Results
6,200-lb. Light Super Stock Tractors
1. Brian Korth Excessive Force FP/307.010
2. Brian Korth Considered Armed & Dangerous FP/041.770
3. Esdon Lehn Red Line Fever Lite FP/BR
Complete LSS:GN Results
6,200-lb. Modified Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks
1. Doug Theobald Wicked FP/313.260
2. R.J. Simon Ol' Blue FP/310.465
3. Bill Oberste Missouri Gambler FP/308.432
Complete TWD:GN Results
Session Summary
Number of Classes: 4
Number of Entries: 93 Number of Hooks: 101
First Green/Last Red:
7:03 pm / 11:05 pm
Duration (All Tracks):
400 minutes
Budweiser Wisconsin Dairyland
NTPA Super Nationals