M.E. Miller Tire
Tri-State Showdown
Fulton County Fairgrounds
Wauseon, OH
One Session:
September 4, 2015, 6:30 pm
6,200-lb. Modified Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks
1. Duane Bowns Hair Dryer Gone Blown FP/330.860
2. Alan Cain Buy Polar Tuff FP/318.120
3. Tom LaRue R & D FP/313.390
Complete TWD:R2 Results
8,500-lb. Light Pro Stock Tractors
1. Gary Holman Power Hound 314.375
2. Wes Spencer Bush Wacker 305.295
3. Brad Overmyer Bad Company 301.885
Complete LPS:R2 Results
2,050-lb. Open Modified Mini Tractors
1. Adam Bauer Cowboy Up FP/320.360
2. Jason Hathaway Honkin' Donkey Red FP/319.915
3. Jason Hathaway Honkin' Donkey Black FP/311.250
Complete MINI:GN Results
8,000-lb. Heavy Super Stock Tractors
1. Kent Payne Super Rooster FP/BR
1. John Pfeiffer Pfeiffermax FP/BR
3. Heath Weilnau Sin Wagon 313.780
Complete HSS:R2 Results
9,300-lb. Super Farm Tractors
1. Brad Hart Don't Ask FP/321.850
2. Jon Silsby Crop Doctor FP/320.065
3. Brook Ferris Assorted Nuts FP/319.300
Complete SFT:R2 Results
7,500-lb. Modified Tractors
1. Todd Feiss Feissty Farmer 323.360
2. Ken Miller Corn & Soybean Special 320.300
3. Alan Judy Raptor 311.285
Complete MOD:R2 Results
6,200-lb. Modified Four-Wheel-Drive Trucks
1. Ted Skelton Rock 312.330
2. Darrell Varner Stray Dog 311.930
3. Jason Brammer Corn Fed 310.970
Complete FWD:GN Results
Session Summary
Number of Classes: 7
Number of Entries: 99 Number of Hooks: 117
M.E. Miller Tire
Tri-State Showdown
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