Western Illinois NTPA Grand Nationals
Brown County Fairgrounds
Mount Sterling, IL
One Session:
August 4, 2017, 7:00 pm
7,500-lb. Super Stock Diesel 4x4 Trucks
1. Joshua Deeter Up in Smoke FP/017.275
2. Kent Crowder Scheid Diesel FP/BR
3. Matt Clemons Alter Ego 312.565
Complete SSD 4x4:GN Results
10,000-lb. Pro Stock Tractors
1. Charles Pelletier CP Dream II 318.815
2. Danny Schmucker Rampage 305.740
3. Chris Cain Aces Wild 304.715
Complete PS:GN Results
8,000-lb. Unlimited Modified Tractors
1. Chuck Knapp Screamin' D 314.540
2. Brad Benedict Non-Cent$ All Screwed Up 312.405
3. Adam Bauer Cross-Threaded 307.255
Complete UNL:GN Results
Session Summary
Number of Classes: 3
Number of Entries: 38 Number of Hooks: 39
Western Illinois NTPA Grand Nationals
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