Great Darke County Fair Pull
One Session: August 21, 2018, 7:00 pm
Grand National
6,200-lb. Modified Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks
0. LeAnn Tormoehlen-May Thriller 000.000/RO
Vallonia, IN Chevrolet
0. Sean Blagrave Wild Horse 328.640
Ackerly, TX Dodge
0. Renee Theobald Pretty Wicked 314.485
Shelbyville, IN Ford
0. Matt Cain Xtremely Buy Polar 303.155
Eaton, OH Chevrolet
0. Ashley Corzine Burn Notice 302.145
Assumption, IL Chevrolet
0. Adam Koester Wild One 295.160
Wadesville, IN Chevrolet
0. Jessie Petro Buckeye Hauler 340.850/RO
Camden, OH Ford
0. Jeff Shafer Win, Lose, or Draw 000.000/SC
Mount Vernon, OH Fiat
0. Bryan McDonald Suffering Sanity 000.000/RO
Kennedyville, MD Willys
0. Russ Nichols Wild One 000.000/RO
Lore City, OH Chevrolet
0. Marty Clock Just Like Clockwork 000.000/RO
Hartford City, IN Chevrolet
0. Joey Frasur Runnin' Block 000.000/RO
Liberty, IN Ford
0. Ashley Corzine Second Degree 000.000/RO
Assumption, IL Ford
0. Randy Petro Kathy's Komplaint 000.000/RO
Camden, OH Ford
0. Doug Theobald Wicked 000.000/RO
Shelbyville, IN Chevrolet
0. Tommy Tormoehlen Showtime 029.420
Vallonia, IN Chevrolet

The class was terminated due to inclement weather.
All registered, GN-licensed vehicles will receive 15 points.

Great Darke County Fair Pull One Session
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