Celebration on the Pond
One Session: August 4, 2018, 8:00 pm
Region II
2,050-lb. Modified Mini Tractors
1. Dave Lacey Triple Play: Double or Nothing 346.505
Thedford, ON Automotive/Piston
2. Dave Lacey Triple Play Unchained 343.120
Thedford, ON Automotive/Piston
3. Art Mendez Scratchin' 4 Traction 336.310
Zeeland, MI Automotive/Piston
4. Phil Curtis Runnin' on Empty 326.240
Leipsic, OH Automotive/Piston
5. Jim Schaendorf Max'd Out 321.405
Dorr, MI Automotive/Piston
6. Scott Van Antwerp Play-N Dirty 317.195
Holland, MI Automotive/Piston
7. Dick Storehalder 313.370
Waldron, MI Automotive/Piston
8. Brad Carrender Outlaw 300.165
New Castle, IN Automotive/Piston
9. David Curtis Instigator 291.180
Belleville, MI Automotive/Piston
10. Jesse Webb Stepchild's BAM 244.845
Huntertown, IN Automotive/Piston
11. Mary Kehl Spending Their Inheritance 181.795
Strykersville, NY Automotive/Piston

Celebration on the Pond One Session
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