National Tractor Pulling Championships
Session 05: August 21, 2021, 6:30 pm
Grand National
7,500-lb. Super Stock Diesel 4x4 Trucks
1. Erik Stacey Smok'n Ya HD FP/349.650
Winchester, OH Chevrolet
2. Todd Dugan Angry Farmer Penetrating Spray FP/341.020
Bladensburg, OH Ford
3. Jonathan Woskob Rollin' Coal FP/334.575
Warriors Mark, PA Dodge
4. Van Haisley Rock Hard Ram FP/333.190
Fairmount, IN Dodge
5. Justin Gearhart Cream of the Crop FP/176.180
Kingston, OH Dodge
6. Todd Dugan Angry Shine 342.365
Bladensburg, OH Chevrolet
7. Shane Kellogg Trump 340.740
Kenton, OH Dodge
8. Kent Crowder Scheid Diesel 339.525
Attica, IN Dodge
9. Justin Morris Maverick 334.775
Quaker City, OH Dodge
10. Craig Dickey Cummins Killer III 334.115
River Falls, WI GMC
10. Cody Hastings Against the Grain 334.115
Ashville, OH Dodge
12. Brion Withrow Nut Job 325.125
Port Orange, FL Chevrolet
13. Zach Pickerel Ripcord 317.310
Gibsonburg, OH Dodge
14. Nate Baker Nightmare 315.400
New Philadelphia, OH Dodge
15. Terry Biggs Dead Pull 311.520
Noblesville, IN Dodge
16. Nick Gillett Top Shelf 311.125
Fostoria, OH Ford
17. Mike Lepley Hostile 302.705
Evansburg, PA
18. Chase Eller Caretaker 283.460
Lafayette, TN Dodge
19. Brion Withrow Nut Job 2 219.200
Port Orange, FL Dodge
Track: Time: Direction:
North to NW to SE
Weight Transfer:
Ironman Purple

National Tractor Pulling Championships Session 05
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