Great Darke County Fair Pull
Darke County Fairgrounds
Greenville, OH
One Session:
August 24, 2021, 7:00 pm
7,500-lb. Modified Tractors
1. Ron Barga II Judge: Next Generation 352.990
2. Alan Judy Raptor 330.930
3. Ken Miller Corn & Soybean Special 319.850
Complete MOD:R2 Results
6,200-lb. Modified Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks
1. Jessie Petro Buckeye Hauler 318.585
2. Grant Theobald Wicked 303.615
3. Joey Frasur Runnin' Block 301.455
Complete TWD:R2 Results
2,050-lb. Modified Mini Tractors
1. Keith Horst Red Fox 307.570
2. Phil Curtis Runnin' on Empty 305.505
3. Ken Bultemeier WAE Flip Side 305.310
Complete MINI:R2 Results
10,000-lb. Pro Stock Tractors
1. Cory Hoffman King of Deeres 328.020
2. Tim Cain Red Gambler 320.745
3. Tim Stone Roll'n Stone 317.975
Complete PS:R2 Results
Stainless Diesel 8,000-lb. Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 Trucks
1. Michael Carpenter Top Priority 323.470
2. Eric Widman Big Red 312.000
3. Erik Hucke Slightly Overworked 311.970
Complete PSD 4x4 3.0:R2 Results
8,500-lb. Light Pro Stock Tractors
1. Mike Palmer Red Avenger FP/329.520
2. Shaun Thornhill Missy's Pissy FP/329.310
3. Evan Smoot Barnyard Bandit FP/322.070
Complete LT PS:R2 Results
Session Summary
Number of Classes: 6
Number of Entries: 52 Number of Hooks: 54
Great Darke County Fair Pull
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