Harrison County Fair Pull
Harrison County Fairgrounds
Cadiz, OH
One Session:
June 23, 2022, 7:00 pm
Stainless Diesel 8,000-lb. Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 Trucks
1. Mike Burton Backwoods Evolution 327.685
2. Bob Litman Get Lit 314.907
3. Cory Frank Causin' Trouble 311.949
Complete PSD 4x4 3.0:R2 Results
7,700-lb. Classic Super Stock Tractors
1. Ryan Pollock Green Broke Deere 326.341
2. Matt Spillman Shell-Shocked 321.571
3. Allen Heasley Tin Man 319.591
Complete CSS:R2 Results
8,500-lb. Light Pro Stock Tractors
1. Forrest Kemp Nightmare 328.744
2. Kendall Beasley Hi-Gear Harvester 324.731
3. Colton Zundel Steel City Smoker 307.513
Complete LT PS:R2 Results
6,200-lb. Super Stock Four-Wheel-Drive Trucks (SB)
1. Davy Kendziorski Back in Black 325.150
2. Darrin Young Live Wire 324.551
3. Seth Keller Pieces 'n Parts 323.486
Complete SS-4x4 (SB):R2 Results
Session Summary
Number of Classes: 4
Number of Entries: 37 Number of Hooks: 37
Harrison County Fair Pull
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