National Series Sponsors

Please support the many sponsors of the National Tractor Pullers Association. Without our sponsors the NTPA would not be able to provide the same level of exciting pulling action.

If you would like to sponsor the NTPA, advertise online, or pursue numerous other options, please contact Dan Schroer.

NTPA Series Sponsors

Case IH

Case IH®—The Official Farm Equipment Brand of the NTPA—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

Case IH is a global leader in agricultural equipment, committed to collaborating with its customers to develop the most powerful, productive, reliable equipment designed to meet today’s agricultural challenges. With headquarters in the United States, Case IH has a network of dealers and distributors that operates in over 160 countries. Case IH provides agricultural equipment systems, flexible financial service offerings, and parts and service support for professional farmers and commercial operators through a dedicated network of professional dealers and distributors.

Productivity-enhancing products include tractors; combines and harvesters; hay and forage equipment; tillage tools; planting and seeding systems; sprayers and applicators; site-specific farming tools and utility vehicles. Case IH is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI).

Case IH contributes to the NTPA Grand National Points Fund, which awards the top five points leaders for the following Grand National divisions: Light Super Stock, Super Stock Diesel, Super Stock Open, Super Farm, and Pro Stock Tractors; Two-Wheel-Drive, Four-Wheel-Drive, Super Stock Diesel 4×4, and Super Semi Trucks; and Mini, Light, Multi-Engine, and Unlimited Modifieds.

For more information about Case IH, visit

Beck's Hybrids

Beck’s Hybrids®—The Official Seed Company of the NTPANTPA National Circuit Sponsor

We welcomed Beck’s to the NTPA roster of sponsors in 2024. Founded by Lawrence Beck in 1937 on his Atlanta, Indiana homestead and still headquartered there, Beck’s has become the third-largest seed brand in the United States out of its dedication to serving farmers throughout the Midwest and Mid-South. The Beck family and team of employees help farmers achieve success from generation to generation through authentic customer experiences, product diversity, Practical Farm Research (PFR)®, seed quality, precision technology, and field performance.

For more information about Beck’s, visit

WIX Filters®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

WIX manufactures more than 210 million filters each year and ships them to customers in over 80 countries. From its Gastonia, North Carolina headquarters to its 11 facilities in eight countries, WIX employs more than 3,500 passionate and dedicated associates who help make the best filters in the world.

The WIX Racing Filters Catalog covers the full line of WIX racing oil, air and fuel filters, along with the WIX line of cast aluminum racing mounting bases. WIX also offers two distinct racing filter lines: One for maximum flow and horsepower, and one for endurance and better engine protection.

For more information about WIX FIlters, visit

Hot Shot's Secret

Hot Shot’s Secret®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

Hot Shot’s Secret is founded on the principle that fixing engine problems and improving our customers’ lives are top priorities. Some customers have reported that they could no longer get to work and support their families because they could not afford an expensive but necessary engine repair. Hot Shot’s Secret products resolved their engine problems so they could get back to work. Changing peoples lives for the better is why Hot Shot’s Secret does what they do!

Hot Shot’s Secret products provide problem-specific solutions for vehicle owners across the United States and around the world. Their experienced professionals understand the needs of diesel- and gasoline-powered engines. Hot Shot’s Secret creates products with highly concentrated formulas that are much more impactful than the diluted bottled products commonly found on retail shelves. Hot Shot’s Secret products improve engine performance while solving problems that competitors’ products cannot fix.

For more information about Hot Shot’s Secret, visit

Enderle Fuel Injection

Enderle Fuel Injection®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

Enderle Fuel Injection is the title sponsor of the Kent & Joan Enderle Memorial Pull-Off, an event for which Grand and Regional National competitors strive all year long to qualify.

In 1987, late founder Kent Enderle and his wife Joan unveiled the first Enderle Pull-Off at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio to reward competitors who used his Simi Valley, California-based Enderle Fuel Injection products. After three years in the capital city, the event moved to Fort Recovery, Ohio.

Since 2006, the event known simply as “The Enderle” has been conducted on the second Saturday after Labor Day at the Champaign County Fairgrounds in Urbana, Ohio.

Kent and Joan were inducted into the NTPA Hall of Fame in 2011 for their contributions to the sport.

For more information about Enderle Fuel Injection, call 805.526.3838.

For more information about the Enderle Pull-Off, visit

MAC Trailer

MAC Trailer®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

MAC Trailer, located in Alliance, Ohio, is the nation’s foremost manufacturer of steel and aluminum dump trailers, transfer trailers, flatbed trailers, drop deck trailers, straight truck bodies, pneumatic tank trailers, and liquid fertilizer tank trailers. MAC Trailer offers comprehensive support for wreck, repair and service, used and leased trailers, and aftermarket trailer parts.

For more information about MAC Trailer, visit or call 800.795.8454.

O'Reilly Auto Parts
O’Reilly Auto Parts®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the largest specialty retailers of automotive parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories in the United States, serving both professional service providers and do-it-yourself customers. Founded in 1957 by the O’Reilly family, the company operates more than 4,200 stores in 42 states and prides itself on exceptional customer service.

For more information about O’Reilly Auto Parts, visit

Cow Tales

Cow Tales®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

Cow Tales, a familiar favorite of NTPA fans, has returned in 2024! This signature product of Goetze’s Candy Company in Baltimore, Maryland is a chewy candy snack stick filled with cream. Cow Tales’ original Caramel flavor is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Enjoy Caramel or one of the other amazing flavors including Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry Smoothie, Caramel Apple, and Honey Bun. And look for free samples at select NTPA national events.

For more information about Cow Tales, visit

Mitas®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

Mitas is a division of Yokohama TWS North America and headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina. With designs and sizes for agricultural equipment and material-handling machines, construction vehicles, and motorcycles, Mitas products meet demanding standards for quality, wear-resistance, and performance.

Mitas manufactures tires for pulling in 24.5 x 32 and 30.5 x 32 sizes.

For more information about Mitas Tires, visit

Cen-Pe-Co Lubricants®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

Cen-Pe-Co has been manufacturing the highest quality heavy-duty products since 1911. Cen-Pe-Co’s American made products continue to protect billions of dollars worth of their customers’ agricultural, construction, and trucking equipment.

Cen-Pe-Co offers a wide range of paraffin and synthetic based specialty oils that can greatly improved the performance and durability of all types of  engines and equipment.

To find your nearest Independent Cen-Pe-Co Sales Distributor, call Cen-Pe-Co at 800.553-1891 or visit

U.S. Army®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

“This We’ll Defend” has been the U.S. Army’s motto since the Revolutionary War. Today’s U.S. Army is a global force that fights when called upon at the scale required.

The U.S. Army dedicates its energy in four focus areas: Warfighting, Delivering Ready Combat Formation, Continuous Transformation and Strengthening the Profession.

For more information about the U.S. Army, visit

Ag Protect 1

Ag Protect 1®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

Ag Protect 1 stems from the success of Premier Crop Insurance. Premier was founded in 2009 and is owned by Ron Barga II and Scott Walker. We are licensed in 10 states and have contracts with 8 of the top 10 insurance companies in the country. With 12 agents and 4 underwriters on staff, we can meet all of your crop insurance needs.

Ag Protect 1 was founded in 2013 to better meet the needs of our customers in the areas of Risk Management, Ag Production Management, and through Preferred Partners. Our mission is to be a vast resource of knowledge, expertise, and service to help our customers better understand their operation’s financial strengths and weaknesses and protect them with the best practices and advice to help them be successful for years to come. Ag Protect 1 is changing the way farmers view crop insurance.

For more information about Ag Protect 1, visit or follow AP1 on Twitter: @PremierCropIns.


AKE/STOP-FYRE®—NTPA National Circuit Sponsor

STOP-FYRE is the only multi-shot, clean agent fire extinguisher on the market.

Firefighters love it because it quickly gets to those hard-to-reach fires that traditional methods don’t. Farmers love it because it’s so effective and does not cause damage to machinery. NTPA track officials love it because it works—period. STOP-FYRE extinguishers carry a lifetime guarantee to give customers peace of mind.

For more information about STOP-FYRE, visit or call 888.673.4734.

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