Headquarters Staff

Gregg Randall, WPI/NTPA Executive Director

Randall joined the WPI/NTPA Office Staff after graduating from Urbana University in 1990. His first opportunity with the company was as the scoreboard/laser operator. In the fall of that same year, Gregg began working on event sanctioning in house under the tutelage of WPI President/CEO David P. Schreier. Randall was responsible for sanctioning State National and Pro National events at that time as well as working with the pre-commitment program for competitors. After three years with the company, he spent the next four years managing his uncle’s printing company in his native Urbana, Ohio. When an opportunity to come back to the NTPA presented itself in the summer of 1997, Randall returned to the company working with marketing, promoter and printing concerns. The in-house graphics design position was a result of Randall’s experience in printing. Also while away, Randall promoted an NTPA event called the “Mad River Valley Nationals” around Memorial Day weekend each year. It gave Gregg experience he otherwise would not have had in returning to WPI/NTPA. Among Randall’s responsibilities include overall management of the WPI/NTPA Office in Columbus, event contracts and sanctioning, competitor programs, the Enderle Pull-Off event, and the weekly television series shown on RFD-TV, “NTPA Championship Pulling.” Gregg, his wife Dana, and their two daughters, Allison and Emily, live in Lewis Center, Ohio.

Jon Dunlap

Jon Dunlap, Scorekeeping, Data Analysis

Prior to joining the NTPA full-time in June 2014, Jon processed event results and provided analysis to the NTPA website for eight summers in a part-time capacity. While maintaining those responsibilities, Jon also regularly contributes content to The Puller magazine and to Jon earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and teaching certification at Geneva College in western Pennsylvania. He pursued his master’s and doctoral degrees at Bowling Green State University, during which time he never had to pay for a motel room during the third weekend in August.

Matt Steinmetz, Scoreboard, Live Streaming and Advertising

Matt first began working with the NTPA in 2009 when he helped in designing and building the original red scoreboard. He and his brother Josh then began traveling across the Midwest operating the trailer at events. In 2013, Matt’s role expanded to operating this scoreboard by himself as the NTPA added a second scoreboard. Finally, in December 2019 NTPA hired Matt full-time to oversee the scoreboards, live streaming, advertising, and serve as the social media manager.

Cassie Wigal, Accounting

Cassie joined the WPI/NTPA team in June 2020 as a subcontracted employee of JH Accounting, the NTPA’s corporate accounting firm. Over the next two years, she immersed herself in the world of truck and tractor pulling, attending as many events as possible and assisting in event production. She accepted a full-time position with WPI/NTPA in October 2022.

Born and raised in Ostrander, Ohio, just northwest of Columbus, Cassie now resides in her hometown with her husband, Austin. When she is away from the office, you can find her at home caring for the cattle or running around with her four fur babies.

Morgan Page, Print and Digital Design

Morgan started her work for WPI/NTPA in July 2023 as a member of the full-time staff. A publication design specialist, Morgan has extensive training in the Adobe Creative Suite. She will largely be tasked with putting forth the NTPA’s messaging in print and digital media and will also lead the shipping department of

Morgan is from Columbus and is a 2023 graduate of Ohio Dominican University.

Satellite Office

Jim Miller, Event Producer

Jim works for WPI/NTPA as a Tech Official and an Event Producer. He grew up and currently resides in Bellevue, Ohio with his wife and has two children, Kevin and Holly, and six grandchildren. After high school graduation, Jim spent two years in the Army and has worked for a township in Huron County ever since. Jim has had a love for pulling from a young age and raced while in high school, pulled farm tractors after he got out of the service and started pulling modified tractors in the 1970s with his brother, Ken. As an NTPA Official, Jim sets up the track and works with promoters and pullers to ensure everything is in proper working order. His main goal is to make every pull the best it can be. When Jim isn’t working with the pulling circuit, he enjoys NHRA drag racing and has been an assistant boys’ basketball coach for the last 20 years.

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