WPI Board of Directors

Vaughn Bauer - Vice President

BauerVaughnVaughn was elected to a three-year term beginning in 2022. He is the founder and president of Bauer Built Manufacturing of Paton, Iowa, which began in 1982 as a small machine, welding, and paint shop based in a garage. Vaughn's design of a folding planter for road travel caught the attention of John Deere, with whom he partnered for 10 years in the construction of the DB Series. Bauer Built Manufacturing reopened in a new 200,000-sq. ft. facility in 2015, a complex that was further expanded in 2020 and presently employs about 80.

Bauer Built's "Ironman" weight transfers, which are called upon to regulate such contests as Tomah, Chapel Hill, and Bowling Green, have been routinely honored with the NTPA's Sled of the Year Award.

Vaughn and his wife Lori reside in Paton.

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